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The Erudites[edit | edit source]

Erudite Male
Erudite Female

Overview[edit | edit source]

The race of academic scholars known as the Erudites have a comparatively clearer history than other races. In times of early Human history a group of men and women, led by a man named Odus, grew tired of the political intrigue and constant threats of war of Antonica and decided to take to the seas in search of a new homeland where they could live a life of peace and quiet. Chartering a ship they set sail from the port city of Qeynos and landed on a continent to the west, now named Odus, and founded the grand library city of Erudin. Future divisions awaited the Erudites however and a rebel group of Cazicites broke away from Erudin and formed their own city of Paineel - the two cities are at war to this day.

The Erudites are a race of intellectuals and even the most weak-minded amongst them is likely capable of relatively powerful spellcasting. As such they make excellent Enchanters, Magicians, Necromancers and Wizards. The spiritual needs of the race are met by their Clerics, who whilst are fairly feeble in a fight have more than enough wisdom and wit to defeat their foes and tend to their allies when needed. Whilst something of a rarity, those Erudites who eschew the arcane or divine schools of research tend to become knights of their specific deity as Paladins and Shadowknights and whilst they are somewhat weaker than the other races in terms of strength, a certain satisfaction may be felt to be known as one of the few Erudite knights roaming Norrath.

Being particularly adept with magic and mana all Erudites boast an innate resistance to magic, though they pay for this with an innate weakness to disease. They also suffer from a lack of night vision.

Special Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • +5 Magic Resistance
  • -5 Disease Resistance

Starting Statistics[edit | edit source]

Cleric 65 70 70 75 107 93 70 30
Enchanter 60 70 70 70 117 83 80 30
Magician 60 70 70 80 117 83 70 30
Necromancer 60 80 70 70 117 83 70 30
Paladin 70 70 70 75 107 88 80 20
Shadowknight 70 70 70 75 117 83 75 20
Wizard 60 70 70 80 117 83 70 30