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The Fear Shard Collection is a Rain of Fear quest that was added into the existing game before Rain of Fear was launched. No quest is added to your task window, you just turn in the shards for faction. The quest will continue to be available after RoF is launched.

Just to clarify this quest has nothing to do with progression. Nor is it a launch event in the fact that it isn't going away after a set period of time. It's pretty much here to stay. After launch it will continue to be available for the foreseeable future. Drop rates will be bumped with the Expansion patch, and there are some slightly more farmable spots in RoF.

Piestro, EQ Community Relations

The reward for doing this quest is faction with "Crystal Circle Builders". Obtaining "kindly" faction with Crystal Circle Builders enables you to receive the Shard Experiences quest from Magus Burlshin.

Having maximum ally faction with Crystal Circle Builders and completing the Shard Experiences quest will grant you the Crystal Circle Builder achievement, with a very nice reward.

Much of the information on this quest obtained from EQ Resource.

Quest NPC[edit | edit source]

Find Magus Burlshin, an Erudite, in Shard's Landing near the zone line to Erillion, City of Bronze.

He doesn't give a quest, but accepts shards you turn in and in return gives faction with Crystal Circle Builders.

Originally it took exactly 21 shard turn ins to hit max ally. However after Rain of Fear went live, the shards you need to turn in were changed as well as how many. It now takes about 40 Small Glowing Fear Shards for a level 96+ character to go from indifferent to max ally.

Once you are kindly faction or greater, you can also do the Shard Experiences quest to gain faction with the Crystal Circle Builders, which will save you some shards.

Shards[edit | edit source]

Note: After Rain of Fear went live, the shards you need to turn in were changed. Which shards are needed to do what is very confusing.

The shards he is referring to are "Dark Fear Shards". These seem to drop from everywhere in Norrath, but are level restricted. They are stackable and tradeable, and seem to be very rare. When they do drop, they tend to drop in stacks of 2+.

These drop in high level zones, from level 81+ mobs. There are lower level versions that drop from lower level mobs. You can only turn in shards for your level range. For example, if you are level 95, you can not turn in a shard for the level 71-85 gap. You can however delevel to 85, then turn them in. You may shroud to low levels to turn in the low level versions.

The shards are:

  • Small Glowing Fear Shard (Rec. 100; Req. 91)
  • Petite Dark Fear Shard (Rec. 95; Req. 81)
  • Petite Fear Shard (Rec. 85; Req. 71)
  • Petite Pale Fear Shard (Rec. 75; Req. 61)
  • Meager Dark Fear Shard (Rec. 65; Req. 51)
  • Meager Fear Shard (Rec. 55; Req. 41)
  • Meager Pale Fear Shard (Rec. 45; Req. 31)
  • Tiny Dark Fear Shard (Rec. 35; Req. 21)
  • Tiny Fear Shard (Rec. 25; Req. 11)
  • Tiny Pale Fear Shard (Rec. 15)

Trivial loot code[edit | edit source]

It was announced that the trivial loot code applies to the shards:

You all do know that these things are using the trivial loot code, right? Killing a ton of NPCs in newbie yards isn't going to get you any of them at all.

Absor, SOE Developer, Nov. 2, 2012

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The reward from this quest is faction with "Crystal Circle Builders".