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For past Frostfell schedules, see Talk:Frostfell.

Frostfell is EQ's Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa / Winter Solstice event.

Naturally, Norrath doesn't have Christmas, etc., so they have Frostfell. (Although they could have just called it Winter Solstice, making up a special name is a common fantasy answer.)

Frostfell heralds the return of Santug Claugg, an ogre in red who hands out toys to deserving boys and girls. He also, along with his helpers, offers a number of quests which are only available during Frostfell.

For 2018, Frostfell quests began Monday, December 3 and ran until Monday, January 7, 2019 at 23:59 PT.

In addition, New Year's events ran from Wednesday, December 26, 2018 until Monday, January 21, 2019.


For 2018, Frostfell quests began Monday, December 3 and will run until Monday, January 7, 2019 at 23:59 PT. Frostfell Marketplace items are available. The content is released in a staggered schedule.

2018 Frostfell Schedule
Date begins Content (see Quests below for quest links) Date ends
Monday, December 3 Frostfell - Upgrading Stockings (#0)
Frostfell - Searching for Clues (#1)
Frostfell - Saving Santug (#2)
Search for Bram Bandyboot
Rescue Hailie Biggeyes
The Freedom of Kanf Shadowhands
The Savior of Gemmi Goodkin
Misplaced Wishes
The Frostclaw Lair
Gathering Holiday Cheer
Operation: Jolliness
Sunday, December 20
11pm PT
Monday, December 3 Frostfell Marketplace items Monday, January 7
Monday, December 3 Braxi Roundup Monday, January 7
Monday, December 21
12am PT
Frostfell - Santug's List (#3)
Frostfell - A Gift for Tinam (#4)
Frostfell - Fishing for a Feast (#5)
Frostfell - Baking for a Feast (#6)
Frostfell - Fireworks (#7, low, mid, and high-level)
Wednesday, December 30
11pm PT
Monday, December 24 Frostfell - Santug's Gift Wednesday, December 26
Wednesday, December 26 New Year's quests
(see New Year's article for details and links)
Monday, January 21


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Listed here are some of the items you can get during Frostfell.

Hero's Forge hats[edit]

These Hero's Forge hats drop randomly off of mobs during Frostfell.

  • Glowing Nose Ornament
  • Green Santug Cap Ornament
  • Red Santug Cap Ornament
  • Reindeer Antlers Ornament
  • Santug Helpers Cap
  • Snowman Head Ornament
  • Top Hat Ornament

You can view them over at EQ Resource: Hero's Forge Hats.

Weapon / Shield ornamentations[edit]

You may choose one of the ornamentations below as reward for completing either of the Braxi Roundup quests (see Quests above). The quest may be repeated. You can only claim an ornamentation reward once, it needs to be checked if that means you can get one of each or just one total.

Marketplace item gallery[edit]


Frostfell achievements can be found in the Achievements window under Events > Holiday.