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Since the world of EverQuest can not handle every player playing on the same world, the game is divided into game servers. When you begin playing, you can choose what server you want to play on. You can also play on several (or all) servers.

However, each server is separate and you can not move between them or transfer items between them. You may only move a character by paying a fee to SOE, some restrictions apply.

Except as noted, every server has an identical world and ruleset.


Except for Beta and Test, servers are named after EQ gods or important NPCs.

  • Beta [Beta] - This server is around only for short periods before an expansion or new special server is released. It is designed for testing. It usually goes away after release of the expansion or server.
  • Test [Test] - This is the server that is for testing purposes. Characters may be deleted at any time.

  • Agnarr [Agnarr] - Permanent Locked Progression True Box Server- Agnarr FAQ – PoP-Locked Progression Server – Coming Weds, May 24, 2017. Progression stops at Lost Dungeons of Norrath.
  • Antonius Bayle (Kane Bayle) [Antonius] - Used to be Kane Bayle, Venril Sathir, Sebilis (French), and Kael Drakkal (German). European server. The physical server is in Europe (the others are all in San Diego, California) and is populated mostly by Europeans. It is, however, open to all.
  • Bertoxxulous (Bertoxxulous - Saryrn) [Bertox] - Used to be Tholuxe Paells, Saryrn, and Mithaniel Marr.
  • Brekt (Quarm) [Brekt] - This server has special rules regarding No Trade items. Almost every item is tradeable. Characters can be transferred to Brekt. Characters can NOT be transferred off of Brekt. Quarm Event Ends - New Server Brekt Opens - Tues, Jan 17
  • Bristlebane (Bristlebane - The Tribunal) [Bristle] - Used to be Solusek Ro, The Tribunal, and Ayonae Ro.
  • Cazic Thule (Cazic Thule - Fennin Ro) [Cazic] - Used to be Brell Serilis, Fennin Ro, Torvonnilous, Faceless (Japanese), and Tranquil (Japanese).
  • Coirnav [Coirnav] - True Box Progression Server. Coirnav Progression Server - Coming March 16, 2018!
  • Drinal (Drinal - Maelin Starpyre) [Drinal] - Used to be Tarew Marr, Maelin Starpyre, and Vazaelle.
  • Erollisi Marr (Erollisi Marr - The Nameless) [Erollisi] - Used to be Morell-Thule, Innoruuk, and The Nameless.
  • Fippy Darkpaw (Fippy Darkpaw - Vulak-Aerr) [Fippy] - Voting / Timelocked Progression
  • Firiona Vie [Firiona] - Roleplaying Preferred. This server has special rules regarding No Trade items. Almost every item is tradeable.
  • Lockjaw [Lockjaw] - Voting / Timelocked Progression
  • Luclin (Luclin - Stromm) [Luclin] - Used to be Stromm and Veeshan.
  • Mangler [Mangler] - Slow True Box Progression Server.
  • Miragul [Miragul] - House of Thule True Box Progression Server. Characters start as Heroic Characters at the House of Thule expansion.
  • Phinigel [Phinigel] - The First True Box Progression Server.
  • Povar (Povar - Quellious) [Povar] - Used to be Morden Rasp, Quellious, Povar and Rodcet Nife.
  • Ragefire [Ragefire] - Voting / Timelocked Progression
  • Selo [Selo] - Fast True Box Progression Server.
  • The Rathe (The Rathe - Prexus) [Rathe] - Used to be Karana, Prexus, and Terris-Thule.
  • Trakanon [Trakanon] - You can transfer off for free. But you cannot transfer onto the server.
  • Tunare (Tunare - The Seventh Hammer) [Tunare] - Used to be E'ci, The Seventh Hammer, Lanys T'Vyl, and Mayong.
  • Vox [Vox]
  • Xegony (Xegony - Druzzil Ro) [Xegony] - Used to be Xebuxoruk, Druzzil Ro, Xev, The Combine, and The Sleeper.
  • Zek [Zek] - Used to be Sullon Zek, Rallos Zek, Tallon Zek, and Vallon Zek. PvP (Player vs. Player) server.


According to this forum post by Imak:

EQ started off with 36 servers on launch day, March 16, 1999. Many more were added in following years and the total was over 50 servers prior to The Great Merging that occurred throughout 2005.