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The Halflings[edit | edit source]

Halfling Male
Halfling Female

Overview[edit | edit source]

Humble and welcoming would be the most accurate description of the Halflings as a race. Of unknown origin, the Halflings appear as small Humans, and most commonly spend their days within their home city of Rivervale farming crops, baking pies and drinking ales. An innately good and friendly race, the Halflings also have a mischievous side and love the odd prank - particularly if it involves bringing a taller fellow down to size.

The more devout of the Halflings have formed guilds devoted to the deity of the rains and storms, Karana - many Halflings join these guilds and take up arms in service to Karana as Druids, Rangers and Paladins or serve Bristlebane as Clerics. Fairly wise and quite nimble, these Halflings do well in these professions. Other classes open to the Halflings are the Warrior and the Rogue, and whilst not being particularly strong they do tend to learn from situations very quickly and can make surprisingly dangerous foes in a fight.

The Halflings have an innately canny common sense and learn from their experiences somewhat faster than the other races. They're also blessed with infravision and have a natural affinity to sneak and hide through any environment. Being quite sturdy, they also boast a natural resistance to both poisons and disease.

Special Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • +5% EXP Bonus
  • Infravision
  • Sneak (50)
  • Hide (50)
  • +5 Poison Resistance
  • +5 Disease Resistance

Starting Statistics[edit | edit source]

Cleric 75 90 95 80 67 90 50 30
Druid 70 90 95 85 67 90 50 30
Paladin 80 90 95 80 67 85 60 20
Ranger 75 90 105 85 67 85 50 20
Rogue 70 100 105 75 67 80 50 30
Warrior 80 90 100 85 67 80 50 25