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For past Halloween schedules, see Talk:Halloween.
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Every year Norrath celebrates Halloween with events and items for a limited time. In each home town, Spooky Sally gives away costumes and Haunted Jack gives away candy. Some of the events listed are from past years and might or might not be available each year.

For 2021, Nights of the Dead began on Wednesday, October 13 at 00:00 PDT and ended Tuesday, November 9 at 23:00 PST.


The number after a quest name is the year it was introduced into the game.


Added in 2014 are six achievements:

  • Nights of the Dead: Pernicious Puppets - Complete one of The Bone Collector tasks, one of the Missing Costume Pieces tasks, The Hungry Halfling, Trick-or-Treat for the Old Man, Out With the Old.
  • Nights of the Dead: The Monster Mash - Complete Toadstool Surprise, Aragol's Seance, Making Candy Apples, Find the Black Cat, Skeleton Zapping, Haunted Cave, Great Zombie Attack, Lycanthrope's Cure, Monster Mash.
  • Nights of the Dead: Undead Rising - Complete Toxxulia Pie Fling, Nektulos Ghost Rider, Troublemakers in Faydark, Undead Rising.
  • Nights of the Dead: Garden Variety Ghouls - Complete Carry the Torch, Scarecrow Roundup, Necromancer's Garden.
  • Nights of the Dead: Strange Ways - Complete The Hunt for Tattooed Flesh.
  • Nights of the Dead: Altered Beasts - Complete one of Terror of Illis Taberish tasks, Under Your Skin.

Added in 2021:

  • Nights of the Dead: Magnificent Winter Squash - Complete Missing Pumpkings, Carving Pumpkings, Squashing Pumpkins


  • Bone Mask of Horror - Effect: Illusion Frost Bone (Casting Time: 5.0) - From doing a series of five quests, see: Bone Mask of Horror in Quests above.
  • Frightening Writ - Used to gain access to scarecrow mercenaries from "a frightening liaison" in the Plane of Knowledge. You should also receive the title, "the Gravedigger". Reward for completing The Hunt for Tattooed Flesh (above).
  • Hero's Forge spooky hats - Random drop off of mobs.
  • Stambles the Reincarnate - Reward for completing Under Your Skin.
  • Vampire Bat - Reward for completing Terror of Illis Taberish (above).


Progression servers[edit]

The Nights of the Dead events should activate on progression servers when the server reaches the era that they were originally introduced.

For example, the events that were introduced in 2006 will turn on if the server has unlocked The Serpent's Spine. And the events that were introduced in 2010 will turn on if the server has unlocked House of Thule.

Prathun, EQ Developer