House of Thule Prelude Events

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The launch of the House of Thule expansion was preceded by four Prelude Events. They are no longer in the game and are listed here only for historical purposes.

Prelude Events[edit]

From EverQuest Players News:

Many adventurers have noted that something odd is afoot in Norrath. People are acting strangely indeed!

Normally reasonable people seem to be more aggressive and Norrathian heroes have noticed many strange behaviors in their home towns!

If you've noticed these unusual occurrences and wish to investigate further, seek out Trevis, a lizardman, in the Plane of Knowledge.

According to Kiara, EverQuest Community Manager, the first two parts of the Prelude Events are live with the "third part" of the Prelude Events beginning Monday, September 27, 2010 and the "fourth part" will happen on Monday, October 4, 2010.

Invasion of the Fearless is the third part mentioned. No word yet on what the fourth part is.

In the Absence of Fear[edit]

Main article: In the Absence of Fear

The in-game Achievements window currently lists one achievement for House of Thule. It is called "In the Absence of Fear".

This achievement is gained upon completing the following quests and missions for the House of Thule launch event.

The reward is the Cloudy Orb of Dreams, which has one charge of "Stare Into the Orb". The use of this is unknown.

Feerrott zone[edit]

Not much is known at this time. Some new group and raid mobs seem to spawn at random times.


  • Husk
  • Duskdancer - red con spider. hit were low dmg didnt see all due to pet tanking. Easy enough to kill. Had a posion dot. seemed to do lil mana steal. Dropped nothing.
  • Seems to swap between hazy spiders and hazy undead.
  • Jasper the Unfriendly and Farwen were both kos and ghosts.
  • Teardrop (Named Spider) - some Weak DoT max hit on 85 Monk 5987 ... was a joke really... wasnt up untill we ( 85 ranger/monk) killed 5 hazy spiders then it popped ..
  • Haghrot
  • The Rend
  • Icebore
  • Pranud Spidereater - named drolvarg
  • Raid mob: Torm Ironeater. Got him to 98% on full burn before evasion stuff down. Subsequently killed him with a small raid force. Approx UF T7 raid loot dropped (one piece). VERY VERY easy kill - circa 30 million HP, 10K hitter, no tricks
  • Cockatrice Raid Mob called Flametail. He dropped Band of the Foyerguard.
  • Dreamsilk - group mob.
  • Silverbane - group mob.