In the Absence of Fear

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The launch of the House of Thule expansion was preceded by four Prelude Events. In the Absence of Fear is the first three of them. These are no longer in the game and are listed here only for historical purposes.

The in-game Achievements window currently lists one achievement for House of Thule. It is called "In the Absence of Fear". It is part of the Prelude Events for the launch of House of Thule.

This achievement is gained upon completing the following quests and missions for the House of Thule launch event.

The reward is the Cloudy Orb of Dreams, which has one charge of "Stare Into the Orb". This gives you a 15 slot bag.


Seek out Trevis in the Plane of Knowledge (Just south of the main bank, loc 325, 430. He's a lizardman lying down on the ground.):

You say, 'Hail, Trevis'

Trevis says 'Just let Trevisss ressst. Trevis not sleep for long time. Too many enemies for Trevis to kill. [Feerrott] changing to something, Trevisss not know what. But Trevis need a rest. If you not already ssstop the [bad thingsss] and the even [worse thingsss], then you not stop the [worst thing]. Trevis not care anymore if you do anything, just go away.'

You say, 'Feerrott?'

Trevis says 'Thingsss appearing in Feerrott that not belong. Let Trevisssleep, you go to Feerrott.'

You say, 'Bad thingsss?'

Trevis says 'Important... but so tired. You go Qeynos Hills, talk to Sssagen perssson. Or other in Qeynosss, sssuch ssstrange name. Talk to Chaucersss thing. Go cold mountain place, talk to one of Mc people. Or Freeport or Erudin and find Meerssson and Sssharden. But you not bother Trevisss more.'

You say, 'Worse thingsss?'

Trevis says 'Worssse thingsss! Hard to make mind think. Ssso tired. You go ssspeak to Hedric thing in funny music place... place with smelly hairy feet thingsss.'

You say, 'Worst thing?'

Trevis says 'Please go away. Ssseek Traveler Higbin in north part of ssstupid Qeynosss. That creature like talking to you. It not need sssleep.'

"Feerrott" relates to some new group and raid mobs that seem to spawn at random times in the Feerrott zone.

The "bad thingsss" relates to Missing Persons, Lone Wolf Hero, I Want to Conquer the World, Not Afraid of Ghosts, and Long Live the King.

The "worse thingsss" relates to Wall Under Attack, Destroy Nevafeer Staging, Waylay Reinforcements, and Nevafeer Leader Attack. They are given by Hedric Tallmin in Rivervale at -85, -100.

The "worst thing" relates to Invasion of the Fearless.

Note that it is not necessary to talk to Trevis to do these but it's where you are supposed to start.