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This is a guide to playing. Some of the things may seem 'basic' but this is designed to cover items not mentioned in the in-game tutorial.

Useful commands
List of useful commands you can type into the chat window.

Arcane specialization[edit]

Main article: Arcane specialization

Arcane specialization (or just Specialization) is a means by which a caster increases their mana efficiency and reduces their chances of fizzling in a given area of magic.

Once an intelligence based caster reaches level 20, or a wisdom based caster reaches level 30, they obtain the ability to specialize in the fields of magic. While a caster can specialize in all five fields of magic (Abjuration, Alteration, Conjuration, Divination, Evocation), only one field can normally exceed a skill of 200. Whichever skill first exceeds 50 becomes the primary specialization of the caster from that time on and can reach 275 (at level 100).

Audio triggers[edit]

Audio triggers are sounds that you arrange to be played when certain things happen or certain text crosses your screen.


Main article: The Bazaar

The Bazaar is a zone off of the Plane of Knowledge, Shadow Haven, and The Nexus. If you want to buy or sell something, this is the place to do it. You can also buy horses here from the vendors in the stable, do your banking, and tradeskill in one of the many available spots.


Main article: Bags

To carry all your phat lewts, you will need bags. The game starts you out with a few, but you will want to get more and larger ones.

Starting out, the easiest cheapest bags to buy are Deluxe Toolbox. You can buy them in several places but the easiest is from Nelin Signus, Engineer Beri, or Maryalis N`Ryt in the Plane of Knowledge (can use Find Window).

For your bank and for your bazaar mule, Trader's Satchel works well, but is too heavy for carrying around. They are purchased from Merchant Tekrama (loc 74, -45, 2, center of The Bazaar near the entrance to the hallway that leads up to the trading area port over). in The Bazaar (can use Find Window).


A guild is a group of people that hang out together and often fight monsters that take a large number of people to defeat.


Invisibility is, obviously, the ability to remain unseen. In EQ, most magic using classes gain the ability to cast a spell to become invisible. All classes can also become invisible by using potions. Note that some creatures can see invisible.

Mirao Frostpouch (Poison Supplies) in the Plane of Knowledge sells Cloudy Potion for around 10 platinum each. He can be found using the Find Window (Ctrl-F). Cloudy potions are an instant cast (can be used while moving) invisibility that lasts anywhere from (random duration) 6 seconds to 20 minutes.

You can create an audio trigger to warn you when invisibility is about to wear off so you can use another potion and not be seen. The emote, "You feel yourself starting to appear." is the warning that your invisibility is about to expire.


See also: Levitation items

The ability to levitate is quite useful. Most magic using classes gain the ability to cast a spell to levitate. All classes can also levitate by obtaining selected items.


See also: Shrink items

To shrink is to reduce your size. This is very useful in small spaces and is generally required on raids.


See also: Teleportation items

Most magic using classes can gate, which takes them directly to their bind points. Druids and Wizards can also teleport to many different places and do so for others. All classes can obtain items which can teleport them to various places, including their bind points.

Tier 5 mercenary[edit]

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