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Journeyman's Speed is an alternate ability added to the game with Hate Rising. The information here is from a post by Dzarn, EQ Developer.

Although it was added to the game with Hate Rising on January 22, 2014, most of it was unable to be completed until February 12, 2014, when most of the achievements involved with it unlocked.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

An achievement will exist for every zone in the game, tracked by geometry ID, so zones that share geometry are counted as the same zone.

One example of shared geometry is Dreadspire Keep and the Demiplane of Blood. There is only an achievement for exploring Dreadspire Keep.

Completion of these achievements should be retroactive since the release of Rain of Fear. Since that expansion's launch SOE has been able to track every geometry ID you have visited for completion of these achievements.

Intentional deviations[edit | edit source]

The only zones that known that do not have an achievement made for them are:

  • The old versions of revamped zones such as Misty Thicket, South Ro, North Ro, The Oasis of Marr, Freeport, etc.
  • CShome and the beta only Tradeskill Hub Ngreth's Den.
  • The tutorial zones (Mines of Gloomingdeep).
  • Field of Scale (b), the version of the zone you are transported to at the end of the raid Jaled Dar's Final Stand.

If any additional relevant zones are not listed, please report that as a bug.

The other intentional deviations from that model are:

  • The Lost Dungeons of Norrath Explorer achievement, in which every zone required to complete the achievement is technically an instance.
  • The Housing Explorer achievement
  • The Guild Locals Explorer achievement
  • The Special Events Explorer achievement in which Dragoncrypt must be visited but the Light and Dark Wedding Chapel zones are not required for completion.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Each Explorer achievement from original EverQuest to Rain of Fear will grant you a "Journeyman's Compass" along with progress toward completing all 20 explorer achievements.

The Journeyman's Compass when right clicked will tally up the total number of explorer achievements you have completed and will reward you with a rank of a new AA called "Journeyman's Speed".

Each rank of the AA is granted for every 4 qualifying explorer achievements you complete.

There are a total of 5 ranks that have the following effects:

  • For monks: each rank will reduce the reuse time of your Neshika's Blink ability by 1 second.
  • For bards: each rank will reduce the reuse time of your Lyre Leap ability by 1 second.
  • For rangers: each rank will reduce the reuse time of your Gladestrider's Leap ability by 1 second.
  • For the remaining classes each rank will increase your base run speed by 1.7%:
    • This will result in rogues having the equivalent of "Run 7" and other classes having the equivalent of "Run 6".

See Movement rate for information on run speed

For the completion of the Explorer meta achievements generally the rule is:

  • If it is a non-instanced zone, the traveler achievement must be completed to complete the meta achievement.
    • This is not always the case such as Sepulcher East and Sepulcher West being listed as optional because SOE did not want to impact the completion date of an existing explorer achievement.

Journeyman's Compass[edit | edit source]

Although the Journeyman's Compass is a lore item you should be able to claim multiple reward sets that list it as included without having to delete the item each time. This will likely occur when players who have completed the explorer achievements from Seeds of Destruction to Rain of Fear log in for the first time after the launch of Hate Rising.