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See also: Zones > Keys, flags and zone level requirements for zones that do not need the keys/flags to unlock if you meet level requirements

This article is for listing various keys in the game.

Some "keys" do not have an actual item (key) in-game. They are generally known as "flags". Keys placed on the Keyring become flags. The Keyring also lists flags that do not have item keys.

If you have the Lockpicking skill, you may be able to open locked doors without the key.

Key chart[edit]

This is a chart of some of the keys.

Key Opens Goes on Keyring Obtained by Notes
Bone Crafted Key Elevator to/from city of Paineel Yes Request from guard Need good faction with Heretics of Paineel to get.
Crystalline Globe Aerin'Dar's lair Yes Quest
Dragon Brood Crypt Key Dragoncrypt mission No Legends of Norrath See Dragoncrypt below.
Forgotten Crypt Key Dragoncrypt mission No Loyalty Tokens, rare mob drop See Dragoncrypt below.
Gem-Etched Key Caves in Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands (Plane of Earth) Yes Mob drop
Symbol of Torden Agnarr the Storm Lord's tower Yes Quest
Tallow-marked Candle North wing of Howling Stones (Charasis) No Mob drop in Howling Stones
Wind Etched Key Xegony's Island Yes Quest


Either one of these keys will get you into the Dragoncrypt instance zone:

The Dragon Brood Crypt Key is only obtained through Legends of Norrath. However, the Forgotten Crypt Key does the exact same thing and can be bought with Loyalty Tokens and is also an extremely rare mob drop.

Once you have either key, it remains with you forever as long as you don't complete the mission. If you complete the mission it goes poof.

You can not drop and add people to the mission, you have to drop the mission and get a new one, which allows those in your group to zone in. But in any case, you can get an unlimited number of people (a maximum of six in the instance at the same time) into the instance if you group with them and get the mission, have them zone in, drop the mission, group with other people, get the mission, rinse and repeat.


To view your keyring, type /key in your chat window. All of the keys on the ring will then be displayed. To add a key on to the ring, just use it once. Not all keys can be added to the keyring. Once a item key has been added to your keyring, you may destroy the key and it will remain on the keyring, enabling you to have the benefits.


Here are some of what you may see when you use the /key command.

Trakanon Idol
Key to Charasis
Sleeper's Key
Shrine Key
The Scepter of Shadows
Zherozsh's Key
Ring of the Shissar
Zazuzh's Key
Tower of Frozen Shadows: 7
Key to the lower depths of the Ruins of Lxanvom.
Talisman of Thunderous Foyer
Palace Key (Vex Thal)
North Wing Key (Vex Thal)
North Tower Key (Vex Thal)
A Screaming Sphere
Passkey of The Twelve
Hand of Glory
A Stone Key
Enchanted Ring of Torden
Polished Stone Key
Jade Inlaid Key
Cipher of Txevu
You can pass freely through the barrier surrounding Qvic.
You can safely enter Anguish, the Fallen Palace.
Bone Crafted Key - This key grants the holder access to the inner sanctum of New Paineel.
Hole Key - This key grants the holder access to the Ruins of Old Paineel.
SoF - Key - Crystallos Base
SoF - Key - Crystallos Raid
SoF - Key - Meldrath - Mansion Base
SoF - Key - Meldrath - Mansion Raid
PoP Backflagging Quest - Odaen Quests
Plane of Sky: Island 9
Dreadspire - Access granted
Demi-Plane of Blood - Access Granted
Depths of Darkhollow - Defeated Emperor Draygun
Depths of Darkhollow - Council of Nine Defeated
Depths of Darkhollow - Queen Sendaii Defeated
Depths of Darkhollow - Matriarch Shyra Defeated
Depths of Darkhollow - Bloodeye Defeated
Dreadspire - Access to Lower Spire Granted
Dreadspire - Defeated Mayong
Sverag - Gained access to Razorthorn, Tower of Sullon Zek
Deathknell - Gained access to Deathknell, Tower of Dissonance
Depths of Darkhollow - You have been formally invited as a guest to Dreadspire Keep
Tunare's Shrine Key
SoD - You have the key to Discord Tower on your keyring
Plane of War - You may enter the Field of Strife
Plane of War - You may enter Castle Rulnavis
Plane of War - You may enter Castle Tamrel
Plane of War - You may enter Rallos' Tower
TDS - Arx Mentis Raid: Citadel Access
TDS - Arx Mentis Raid: Top Floor Access