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EverQuest has a number of in-game languages.

You can change the language you are using by right clicking a chat window and picking which language you wish to speak. You can also type /language # with the # being the number of the language you wish to speak. /lan # also works.

Here is a list of the languages with the number being the number to type in:

  1. Common Tongue
  2. Barbarian
  3. Erudian
  4. Elvish
  5. Dark Elvish
  6. Dwarvish
  7. Troll
  8. Ogre
  9. Gnomish
  10. Halfling
  11. Thieves Cant
  12. Old Erudian
  13. Elder Elvish
  14. Froglok
  15. Goblin
  16. Gnoll
  17. Combine Tongue
  18. Elder Teir'Dal
  19. Lizardman
  20. Orcish
  21. Faerie
  22. Dragon
  23. Elder Dragon
  24. Dark Speech
  25. Vah Shir
  26. Alaran

The language Hadal is not on the list. It can be learned by doing the shared task Oseka's Knowledge in Sarith, City of Tides. Only the person who clicks the Hadal Scrying Device during the task gets the language.