Magus Burlshin

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Magus Burlshin
Type Merchant / Quest NPC
Race Erudite
Gender Male
Location Shard's Landing (-1450, -1100)
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Magus Burlshin is an Erudite quest NPC created for the Rain of Fear expansion. He was placed in Erillion, City of Bronze just before Rain of Fear was released. When Rain of Fear was first went live, he was there and in Shard's Landing. Now he is found only in Shard's Landing.

He sells the druid and wizard port spells to Shard's Landing.

Location[edit | edit source]

Shard's Landing[edit | edit source]

Magus Burlshin is near the zone in from Erillion, City of Bronze. He is near a circle of semi-transparent violet stones. He wanders just around them and his tent nearby, at about location -1500, -1050.

Erillion, City of Bronze[edit | edit source]

Former location of Magus Burlshin in Erillion, City of Bronze. (Image: EQ Resource)

He used to be in Erillion, City of Bronze near the blocked caved in the north-east part of the zone at /location 1700, -2425, 111 (very far northeastern boundary of the outer zone).

Quests[edit | edit source]