Marcia Attamilgad

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Marcia Attamilgad
Marcia Attamilgad (comic).jpg
The Shadiest Swashbuckler
Type Merchant (Rare Items)
Race Human
Gender Female
Location Random zones
(via Ctrl-F)
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Marcia Attamilgad (Rare Items), is an NPC adventure merchant also known as The Shadiest Swashbuckler. She was added to the game on October 1, 2014. She can have for sale a number of very rare items that no longer drop in the game. She appears in random zones. She only sells items for Nobles.

I’ll be frank with you. This stuff costs a lot to get. If you want it you’ll have to make it worth my while, and my time is worth a lot.

Marcia Attamilgad

Marcia Attamilgad is in the game permanently, although some tuning of which items she carries, and the prices of them, may be done as time passes.

Locating her[edit]

To locate her, you can ask Noble Exchange vendors for her location, they will give hints. Check each zone they suggest, use Find (Ctrl+F) to locate her if she is in the same zone as you.

Noble Exchange merchants[edit]


Some days she'll only have one item. Some days she should have more. She is set up in a way to sell a certain VALUE of items per day. Some days that value will only allow for one item.

Roshen, EQ Community Relations

The following items and prices have been reported: