Nevafeer Leader Attack

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Hedric Tallmin is the quest giver, he can be found in Rivervale. When you zone in, he will be just inside the city, to the right. /location -85, -100. This is a group task.

You say, 'Hail, Hedric Tallmin'

Hedric Tallmin says 'You must help us! A contingent of goblins is attacking the wall in Misty Thicket! It is not like them to be so bold as to outright attack without some type of provocation, or at least some [goal] in mind.'

You say, 'What goal?'

Hedric Tallmin says 'I do not know what they hope to achieve with this attack. My guess is that someone, or [something], is either putting them up to it, or giving them the courage to attack so openly.'

You say, 'Something?'

Hedric Tallmin says 'There are too many for us to hope that we can repel them before the area is lost. We have some conscripts in place, and more on the way. But it will take some time to gather enough to mount a decent defense. That is why we need your assistance! Will you [help]?'

You say, 'I will help'

Hedric Tallmin says 'Excellent! Go to Misty Thicket and speak to Lt. Goodwink. He is in charge of the conscripts we have been able to place so far. I am sure he will have enough of a handle on things to know where your skills can be best used.'

You have been assigned the task 'Nevafeer Leader Attack'.

  • Speak to Lt Goodwink | 0/1 | Misty Thicket (near the gate in the middle of zone, loc -55, 270)
  • Find the goblin forces in the Commonlands | 0/1 | /loc -841, 2997 (far bottom left of zone)
  • Kill 3 Nevafeer scout | 0/3 | Commonlands
  • Kill 6 Nevafeer attacker | 0/6 | Commonlands
  • Kill 4 Nevafeer raider | 0/4 | Commonlands
  • Kill 4 Nevafeer rager | 0/4 | Commonlands
  • Kill 2 Nevafeer hitter | 0/2 | Commonlands
  • Kill 3 Ghuumai | 0/3 | Commonlands- light blue to level 85 - hit very hard. Can not be snared
  • Kill 2 Seeinal | 0/2 | Commonlands
  • Kill Nevafeer Chieftain | 0/1 | Commonlands - Dark blue to level 85 - hit for 1k - 7k with 4000 AC
  • Speak to Lt Goodwink | 0/1 | Misty Thicket

Reward: You gain experience!! You receive 105 platinum.