New Year's

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Every year EverQuest has several New Year's quests and missions. They appear on December 26 and remain until January 21, around the same time as Frostfell.

  • Pizmip Nobbletod in the Plane of Knowledge (between the Guild Lobby and the Bazaar) offers the solo task All You Need is Luck. Reward is Lucky Charm, used to open the chest in the Frostfell group mission "Time for a Change" (below).
  • Kilna Odenburgh in the Plane of Knowledge (located outside the Bazaar zone) offers the group mission Time for a Change. Reward is a Doomsday Beetle for your house.
  • M.C. Tinkerton in the Plane of Knowledge offers some group missions. He is found next to The Great Divide portal stone.
He offers these quests (all four are listed under The Clockwork Party Machine):
  • Frostbeard's Lesser Minions
  • Frostbeard's Greater Minions
  • Frostbeard's Elite Minions
  • Old Frostbeard