Not Afraid of Ghosts

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Myrrie Sharden can be found at the dock in northern Erudin at 108, -230.

You say, 'Hail, Myrrie Sharden'

Myrrie Sharden says 'My foolish [brother] is going to get himself killed, and I can't even find him! I cannot believe I have to deal with this.'

You say, 'Brother?'

Myrrie Sharden says 'Forgive me. I am a hunter of undead, specialized in taking them down quickly. My brother envies my abilities, but he's always had a crippling fear of the undead. Apparently no more. He's run off, leaving a note saying he's going to prove himself to me, and I'm having to [hunt] him down.'

You say, 'Hunt?'

You have been assigned the task 'Not Afraid of Ghosts'.

  • Explore Nektulos Forest | 0/1 | Nektulos Forest (I got update upon porting into Nektulos Forest wizard spires)
  • Find Retahl Sharden | 0/1 | Nektulos Forest ([/loc -725, 131] Due West of PoK book - near a tree stump at the fork in the road)
  • Destroy decaying skeletons | 0/3 | Nektulos Forest (plenty found near wizard spires, fast respawn too)
  • Speak to Retahl Sharden | 0/1 | Nektulos Forest
  • Destroy zombies | 0/3 | Nektulos Forest (rare spawn in Nektulos Forest - killed "a zombie" in Commonlands, did not update. Also killed "a rotting citizen" in Nektulos Forest - even though it is a zombie model, there was no update) Best way is to kill undead in the zone until a zombie pops - decaying skeleton do not seem to be a place holder. South East corner seems like a good place to camp, up to 5 spawn points there)
  • Speak to Retahl Sharden | 0/1 | Nektulos Forest
  • Return to Myrrie | 0/1 | Erudin
  • Deliver Myrrie's Letter | 0/1 | Nektulos Forest (Deliver it to Retahl Sharden)
  • Talk to Retahl | 0/1 | Nektulos Forest
  • Report to Myrrie | 0/1 | Erudin