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The Overseer system is the ability to send out agents that you earn on Overseer Quests to gain rewards. It was released on March 11, 2020 as part of EverQuest's 21st anniversary.

As an Overseer, you will be able to send out agents that you earn on Overseer Quests to gain rewards. This new system is designed to help players catch up to current content by giving access to rewards that are found in past content. Its goal is to help you build up your characters faster. Overseer is accessible starting at level 85 and with its launch we will grant all members a free level 85 heroic character.

Producer's Letter: Anniversary and Overseer!, February 27, 2020

- Become the Overseer! Gain the loyalty of iconic Agents and protect Norrath from the ever-present ripples of Discord. Send your Agents on harrowing Overseer Quests, into moments spanning the entirety of Norrath's history, and restore balance where you can. Along the way, you'll gain fabulous rewards and grow in power. You may even draw the attention of Norrath's most famous heroes, and perhaps a few particularly nefarious villains. Do you have what it takes to gain the allegiance of Norrath's elite?

- Access the Overseer interface via the EQ Menu > Quests > Overseer option, or by entering the command /overseer.

- A mysterious presence in the Plane of Knowledge is interested in the coin gained through Overseer Quests.

Game Update Notes: March 11, 2020

To access the Overseer system, use your EQ button > Quests > Overseer. This will begin a tutorial. You can also enter /overseer (or just /over) into a chat window.

There is a limit on completing Overseer tasks of 10 per cycle (12 hours). This limit resets to zero every time the available task list refreshes.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

a mysterious presence
Overseer Merchant.png
Type Alternate currency merchant
Location Plane of Knowledge
(via Ctrl-F)
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There are many different rewards you can gain from using the Overseer system. Successfully completing an Overseer quest can gain you one or more of:

  • Character Experience - Regular experience for your character.
  • Mercenary Alternate Advancement experience
  • Tradeskill items - Various items that can be used in tradeskilling.
  • Agent Progress - This can advance your Overseer agent abilities.
  • Ornamentation Dispenser - This will grant you an ornamentation of your choice from a list of a select number of ornamentations.
  • Agent - You gain another agent.
    • Getting a Critical Success on a quest will also award you an agent.
  • Overseer Collection Item Dispenser Fragment - Four of these combine to create a Collection Item Dispenser which will grant you a collection item of your choice from a list of a select number of items.

Overseer Tetradrachms[edit | edit source]

Overseer Tetradrachms are an alternate currency gained from some Overseer quests. They can be used to purchase items from a mysterious presence (Overseer Merchant) in the Plane of Knowledge.

AAs[edit | edit source]

It's in the plans. Some missing information is keeping me from completing adding AA's at this time.

Adam "Ngreth" Bell, Senior Designer, EverQuest, March 30, 2020

Agents[edit | edit source]

This section is a work in progress

Common Agents[edit | edit source]

All common agents have one Job at level 1.

Name Job Race Class Trait (Physical/Personality)
Wandering Minstrel Artisan Half-Elf Bard Regal
Wandering Greenblood Harvester Ogre Berserker Hardy
Undertow Skeleton Soldier Skeleton Monster Ancient
Undead Barkeep Merchant Zombie Citizen Peaceful
Tunarian Scout Explorer Half-Elf Ranger Frivolous
Trueborn Embalmer Artisan Mummy Necromancer Rugged
Tormented Dead Marauder Zombie Monster Bold
Steamwork Shock Trooper Soldier Clockwork Warrior Monstrous
Steamwork Mender Artisan Clockwork Citizen Benevolent
Steam Zealot Diplomat Gnome Cleric Exotic
Steam Trader Merchant Gnome Citizen Shrewd
Soul Seductress Spy Dark Elf Enchanter Extravagant
Shadowy Scrivener Merchant Dark Elf Necromancer Cautious
Servant of the Ancients Marauder Golem Monster Heroic
Rogue Clockwork Spy Clockwork Citizen Malicious
Pixie Trickster Harvester Pixie Enchanter Attractive
Pixie Jongleur Spy Pixie Bard Benevolent
Orc Spymaster Spy Orc Ranger Shrewd
Orc Slavers Merchant Orc Warrior Fierce
Orc Scoutmaster Spy Orc Ranger Shrewd
Orc Legionnaire Marauder Orc Warrior Hardy
Orc Emissary Explorer Orc Shaman Frivolous
Nightrage Decapitator Soldier Vampire Enchanter Monstrous
Masked Changeling Marauder Human Magician Exotic
Kirathas Villager Diplomat Elddar Citizen Attractive
Kelethin Lorist Diplomat Wood Elf Bard Bold
Kelethin Herbalist Scholar Wood Elf Citizen Agile
Kelethin Guard Soldier Wood Elf Ranger Bold
Kaladim Guard Soldier Dwarf Warrior Agile
Junk Dealer Merchant Gnome Citizen Rugged
Inquisitive Wanderer Explorer Gnome Monk Mighty
Guardian of the Keep Soldier Elemental Monster Ancient
Goblin Mapmaker Artisan Goblin Citizen Hardy
Free Diving Limnologist Scholar Half-Elf Druid Shrewd
Forest Gatherer Explorer Wood Elf Druid Peaceful
Faydark Bandit Spy Wood Elf Rogue Rugged
Faerie Troublemaker Marauder Faerie Enchanter Diminutive
Faerie Royal Guard Soldier Faerie Paladin Heroic
Faerie Guard Soldier Faerie Warrior Bold
Faerie Courtier Diplomat Faerie Rogue Regal
Enraged Dwarf Skeleton Explorer Skeleton Monster Ancient
Emissary of Crystallos Diplomat Drake Monster Benevolent
Eldritch Wanderer Marauder Gnome Wizard Attractive
Dwarven Trinket Seller Merchant Dwarf Citizen Shrewd
Dwarven Lorekeeper Scholar Dwarf Cleric Peaceful
Dwarven Blacksmith Artisan Dwarf Citizen Mighty
Drangol Cook Artisan Goblin Berserker Peaceful
Deep Muse Healer Scholar Gnome Cleric Cautious
Dark Reflection Poisoner Diplomat Gnome Necromancer Regal
Crystallos Stone Trader Merchant Human Citizen Rugged
Crypt Ghoul Marauder Ghoul Monster Ancient
Coral Carver Artisan Wood Elf Citizen Frivolous
Cauldron Cliffdiver Harvester Half-Elf Rogue Agile
Cargo Clockwork Harvester Clockwork Citizen Heroic
Captive Elemental Explorer Elemental Monster Exotic
Blighted Scarecrow Spy Scarecrow Monster Hardy
Barbed Bone Skeleton Explorer Skeleton Monster Monstrous
Bandit Lookout Spy Half-Elf Ranger Fierce
Ak'Anon Guard Soldier Gnome Warrior Benevolent
Ak'Anon Engineer Artisan Gnome Citizen Diminutive
Advocate of Brell Diplomat Dwarf Paladin Extravagant
Koada'Dal Diviner Spy High Elf Magician Regal
Cauldron Rat Spy Rat Monster Diminutive
Undead Knight Soldier Skeleton Monster Ancient
Dwarven Theologist Scholar Dwarf Cleric Extravagant
Unrest Noble Scholar Zombie Monster Extravagant
Elder Spirit Guide Diplomat Wood Elf Druid Regal
Blood Wolf Soldier Wolf Monster Monstrous
Undying Magus Scholar High Elf Wizard Shrewd
Ak'Anon Architect Artisan Gnome Citizen Shrewd
Felwithe Songwhisperer Diplomat High Elf Citizen Attractive
Wasp Worker Artisan Wasp Monster Exotic
Felwithe Guard Soldier High Elf Paladin Monstrous
Sylvan Bat Marauder Bat Monster Benevolent
Felwithe Sunweaver Scholar High Elf Magician Fierce
Koada'Dal Alchemist Merchant High Elf Magician Extravagant
Koada'Dal Counselor Diplomat High Elf Cleric Malicious
Shadowmane Brawler Marauder Werewolf Monster Mighty
Tier'Dal Marauder Marauder Dark Elf Warrior Mighty
Faydark Nightgazer Spy Wood Elf Rogue Heroic
Sylvan Pilgrim Harvester Wood Elf Druid Peaceful
Impetuous Rover Explorer Wood Elf Druid Frivolous
Feir'Dal Salvager Merchant Wood Elf Citizen Rugged
Treasuer Seeker Explorer Dwarf Warrior Bold
Acidic Ooze Harvester Ooze Monster Ancient
Rock Spider Artisan Spider Monster Cautious
Acolyte of Brell Scholar Dwarf Cleric Heroic

Uncommon Agents[edit | edit source]

Uncommon agents can be Iconic. Iconic Uncommon agents have one Job at level 3 and a second Job at level 1, and can only be sent out on one Quest (i.e. duplicates are useless). Regular Uncommon agents have only one Job at level 2.

Name First Job Second Job Race Class First Trait (Physical/Personality) Second Trait (Physical/Personality)
Trapped Elemental (3) Artisan Elemental Monster Agile Exotic
Amber (3) Diplomat (1) Harvester Elddar Ranger Ancient Heroic
Elia The Pure (3) Harvester (1) Artisan High Elf Cleric Regal Benevolent
Equestrielle (3) Soldier (1) Harvester Unicorn Warrior Regal Heroic
Forpar Fizfla (3) Artisan (1) Scholar Gnome Shadowknight Agile Diminutive
Kimble Nogflop (3) Diplomat (1) Scholar Gnome Enchanter Diminutive Peaceful
Overseer Gakkor Deepscar (3) Marauder (1) Diplomat Minotaur Monster Mighty Bold
Tumpy Irontoe (3) Merchant (1) Marauder Dwarf Berserker Rugged Frivolous
Exiled Legionnaire (2) Soldier Orc Warrior Hardy Peaceful
Kaladim Brewmaster (3) Artisan Dwarf Citizen Hardy Frivolous
Imp Familiar (3) Merchant Imp Monster Diminutive Frivolous
Weapons Trader (3) Merchant Half-Elf Citizen Attractive Extravagant
Avenging Caitiff (3) Diplomat Vampire Warrior Monstrous Malicious
Black Dire (3) Marauder Spirit Shadowknight Ancient Malicious
Disciple of Tunare (3) Soldier Wood Elf Warrior Agile Heroic
Felwithe Armorer (3) Artisan High Elf Citizen Agile Benevolent
Dryad Tender (3) Harvester Dryad Druid Exotic Benevolent
Stalking Fury (3) Spy Wood Elf Ranger Rugged Cautious
Koada'Dal Noble (3) Diplomat High Elf Citizen Regal Shrewd
Kaladim Surveyor (3) Explorer Dwarf Citizen Rugged Bold
Banker Rylisan (3) Merchant (1) Diplomat High Elf Citizen Attractive Peaceful

Rare Agents[edit | edit source]

Name First Job Second Job Race Class Physical1 Physical2 Personality1 Personality2
Anitohk the Everliving (4) Harvester (2) Scholar Mummy Monster Monstrous Ancient Extravagant -
Barrith the Brave (2) Soldier (4) Harvester Dwarf Berserker Hardy - Bold Extravagant
Bimbalicus the Soulbleeder (4) Artisan (2) Scholar Gnome Necromancer Diminutive - Malicious Frivolous
Butler Syncall (2) Marauder (4) Spy Vampire Shadow Knight Regal Monstrous Malicious -
Cavalier Devolah (4) Soldier (2) Harvester Human Paladin Hardy - Bold Heroic
Dabner Drednever (2) Artisan (4) Explorer Gnome Cleric Agile Diminutive Peaceful -
Galeth Veredeth (4) Soldier (2) Diplomat High Elf Paladin Rugged - Cautious Heroic
Garanel Rucksif (4) Marauder (2) Spy Ghost Warrior Ancient Exotic Fierce -
Gearheart (4) Soldier (2) Explorer Clockwork Rogue Hardy Exotic Peaceful -
Joren Nobleheart (2) Scholar (4) Diplomat High Elf Paladin Mighty - Fierce Benevolent
Lady Chiasa (4) Marauder (2) Spy Vampire Enchanter Monstrous Ancient Frivolous -
Lord Nethryn the Arbitrato (4) Scholar (2) Diplomat High Elf Cleric Regal - Peaceful Cautious
Lorisyn Oakwynd (2) Artisan (4) Diplomat Wood Elf Ranger Rugged Attractive Benevolent -
Lyirae Oakwynd (2) Diplomat (4) Explorer Wood Elf Ranger Agile Attractive Bold -
Maid Issis (2) Marauder (4) Spy Vampire Necromancer Attractive Monstrous Malicious -
Nylianne the True (2) Merchant (4) Explorer Wood Elf Ranger Attractive - Cautious Heroic
Nyzil Bloodforge (2) Soldier (4) Artisan Dwarf Warrior Mighty - Benevolent Heroic
Ognit Eznertob (2) Artisan (4) Scholar Gnome Wizard Diminutive - Bold Shrewd
Overvolt Rigster the IV (2) Harvester (4) Merchant Gnome Citizen Rugged - Benevolent Extravagant
Princess Joleena (2) Spy (4) Diplomat Faerie Druid Regal Exotic Frivolous -
Reaver Lebanezer (4) Scholar (2) Merchant Gnome Necromancer Diminutive Regal Shrewd -
Shifty Jenkins (2) Soldier (4) Merchant Human Citizen Agile Hardy Shrewd -
The Collector (4) Harvester (2) Merchant Aviak Enchanter Exotic - Cautious Shrewd
Enynti (4) Explorer (2) Harvester Dark Elf Warrior Exotic Attractive Ancient Malicious -
Founy Jestands (4) Spy (2) Marauder Dwarf Rogue Rugged - Cautious Extravagant
General Jyleel (4) Soldier (2) Diplomat High Elf Paladin Mighty Regal Bold -
Maesyn Trueshot (4) Marauder (2) Spy Wood Elf Ranger Mighty Rugged Fierce -
Niola Impholder (4) Merchant (2) Scholar High Elf Magician Attractive - Cautious Shrewd
Nitalla (4) Spy (2) Explorer Faerie Rogue Agile Diminutive Frivolous -
Sister Daria (4) Diplomat (2) Explorer High Elf Cleric Regal - Benevolent Heroic
Sylia Windlehands (4) Artisan (2) Merchant Wood Elf Bard Agile Hardy Peaceful -
Tobon Starpyre (4) Scholar (2) Harvester Gnome Wizard Diminutive - Fierce Extravagant
Xicotl (4) Harvester (2) Marauder Troll Shadowknight Mighty Monstrous Malicious -
Yeolarn Bronzeleaf (4) Artisan (2) Soldier High Elf Cleric Hardy - Peaceful Benevolent
Juline Urncaller (4) Merchant (2) Artisan Gnome Enchanter Rugged - Peaceful Frivolous
Thubr Axebringer (4) Marauder (2) Explorer Dwarf Warrior Mighty - Fierce Extravagant

Elite Agents[edit | edit source]

*Fippy Darkpaw is only available in "Overseer Starter Bundle" in Marketplace (995DBC)

Name First Job Second Job Third Job Race Class Physical1 Physical2 Personality1 Personality2
Ambassador D'Vinn (3) Marauder (5) Spy (3) Diplomat Dark Elf Rogue Agile Attractive Cautious Malicious
Avatar of Brell (5) Artisan (3) Scholar (3) Merchant Avatar Warrior Hardy Exotic Cautious Extravagant
Avatar of Tunare (3) Artisan (5) Harvester (3) Diplomat Avatar Druid Attractive Exotic Peaceful Benevolent
Emperor Crush (5) Marauder (3) Spy (3) Harvester Orc Warrior Mighty Monstrous Fierce Extravagant
Fippy Darkpaw* (5) Marauder (3) Diplomat (3) Explorer Gnoll Rogue Agile Mighty Bold Heroic
Firiona Vie (5) Soldier (3) Diplomat (3) Explorer High Elf Paladin Regal Attractive Benevolent Heroic
First Ranger Kele (3) Spy (5) Soldier (3) Merchant Wood Elf Ranger Agile Hardy Bold Heroic
King Kazon Stormhammer (3) Soldier (3)Artisan (5) Explorer Dwarf Warrior Mighty Rugged Fierce Bold
King Tearis Thex (3) Soldier (3) Scholar (5) Diplomat High Elf Paladin Mighty Regal Fierce Benevolent
Mayong Mistmoore (3) Marauder (3) Spy (5) Scholar Vampire Shadow Knight Regal Ancient Extravagant Shrewd
Marcia Attamilgad (3) Harvester (3) Explorer (5) Merchant Human Citizen Hardy Rugged Frivilous Shrewd
Meldrath the Malignant (3) Marauder (3) Artisan (5) Scholar Gnome Necromancer Diminutive Monstrous Malicious Frivolous
Avatar of Bristlebane (3) Spy (3) Explorer (5) Merchant Avatar Rogue Diminutive Rugged Bold Frivolous
Avatar of Xegony (3) Soldier (3) Harvester (5) Artisan Avatar Druid Agile Ancient Peaceful Shrewd
Phinigel Autropos (3) Harvester (3) Merchant (5) Explorer Kedge Wizard Ancient Exotic Peaceful Cautious

Artwork[edit | edit source]

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