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EverQuest Perks are a way to add special features to your All-Access Membership. They are divided into three categories: Adventurer, Challenger, and Merchant. You can choose any combination of the three perks to add-on to your playing experience. They went live on October 19, 2021.

Perks are purchased by visiting the Daybreak EverQuest Membership page.


Disabled containers can be opened, but the items inside cannot be removed until the bag is moved into an active slot.

Items inside disabled containers will show on Find Item.

Highlight will open a disabled bag and highlight the item.

Grab will not function for items in a disabled container.

TrueNorth, EQ Developer, October 25, 2021

Items should not go into disabled inventory slots via /autoinventory, /claim, loot, or any other method, even if regular inventory is filled.

In most cases items should not be able to be used, consumed, or modified from a disabled slot or container. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ammo
  • Bandages
  • Fishing Bait
  • Food/Drink/Alcohol (Including stat bonuses)
  • Armor Dye
  • Spell Reagents
  • Tradeskill components
  • Lockpicks
  • Campfires materials
  • Item Spells (Clickies)
  • Add/Remove item augmentations
  • Swap items (e.g. Bandolier)
  • Convert items (e.g. Wishing Lamp)
  • Claim items (e.g. Overseer Collectible Dispenser)
  • Fuse items (Luck)

Our coders worked very hard to try and cover every case and prevent potential problems.

If you encounter a situation whereby you are able to access, use, or otherwise modify items within disabled slots or containers, or any other seemingly unintended inventory behavior, please let us know by submitting a bug report. Thank you!

TrueNorth, EQ Developer, October 27, 2021