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Work in progress

This it not related to Swarm pets

* Which slots

Primary and Secondary[edit | edit source]

The advice is to equip the pet of any class with a primary and secondary weapon. Pets can proc weapons, if they meet the level requirements for the proc. Typically, the mage summoned weapons are a good choice, with a selection of procs within: Fire, Cold, Magic, Aggro increase, Aggro Reduce

Back Slot for focused pets[edit | edit source]

Face Slot[edit | edit source]

Summoned Mask Aggro increasing masks

The Shaman gear hypothesis[edit | edit source]

Currently there is a hypothesis related to Shamans, based on a set of parses where a Shaman pet had significant reduction of DPS when equipped with mage armor and jewelry. This needs to be explored further,

* What rules

No back item to mage pet the wierd thing with Shaman pets

* Effects
* Sources of gear: summoned, Bazaar, Crafted

Class Differences[edit | edit source]

Magician: Mage pets have the advantage that if a pet focus is equipped by the Mage when the pet is summoned, they will come with era appropriate mage summoned armor, jewelry, and muzzle (face slot). Enchanter: Enchanter pets (animations) come with a weapon and a shield. Giving them

* Charmed Pets


Experimental Design/research topics[edit | edit source]

* Will equipping a bazaar mask on a focused buffed mage pet reduce DPS?
* Does Bazaar gear help the pets Offence (DI-distribution, max hit, spell damage, proc rate)?
* Which slot(s) should be left as they are for Shaman pets?
* Does the Shaman hypothesis hold true for other pets?
* Does the Shaman hypothesis hold true?