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Pillars of Alra is a Tier 4 zone in the Veil of Alaris expansion.

This zone is linked to The Resplendent Temple and Windsong Sanctuary. Druids and Wizards also get port spells to this zone.

Zone layout[edit | edit source]

You can get through The Resplendent Temple to Pillars without even going through the KOS part of Temple.

  • There are two towers in the non-kos part that go all the way high up. High enough to enable levitation across to the upper garden right before Pillars zoneline.
    • Two things to note though are: a couple of KOS mobs at the very tower top that do not see invis, and the "wind trap" that drags you along (wait for it to fade before attempting to lev over).

Faction[edit | edit source]

See also: Veil of Alaris factions

Unlike most recent expansions, faction matters in the Pillars of Alra.

The Pillars of Alra appears to have four factions, one for each of the pillars:

  • Arcanists of Alra - Pillar of the Arcane faction.
  • Living Will of Alra - Pillar of Nature faction.
  • Purity of Alra - Pillar of Light faction.
  • Shades of Alra - Pillar of Dark faction.

Killing mobs in one pillar makes two factions hate you and two like you. This changes you from dubious to KOS.

You can repair the damage by doing Crisis of Faith which gives positive hits with all four factions. By repeatedly doing Crisis of Faith you should be able to even become ally to all four factions.

You may also use faction increasing spells to get quests.

There are also aura debuffs that sometimes appear on your character (song window) for different factions. When you have this debuff, you become KOS to the mobs in that tower.

There is a way to get each aura to not land on you. I'll leave it to the community to discover how though.

Dzarn, EQ Developer

It's also been reported that you can do the Mercenary (kill tasks) to adjust your faction to not be KOS to all sides, if you pick the ones you need to improve. It's also been reported that everyone starts out as non-KOS to the named loot dropping mobs in the zone but becomes KOS upon completing the Partisan task The First Pilgrimage and gaining the Very Small Stone Tear.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Solo quests[edit | edit source]

Kill tasks[edit | edit source]

Partisan tasks[edit | edit source]

  • The First Pilgrimage (Allakhazam, EQ Resource, Rasper's) - Solo task.
  • Crisis of Faith (Allakhazam, EQ Resource, Rasper's) - Solo task. Optional step is to finish within 72 minutes.
    • Increases all four factions.
    • In order to get the task, you must first have 81+ skill Alaran and must do all the other Partisan tasks, otherwise you cannot see or talk to an apparition (the quest giver).
  • The Word of Anriella (Allakhazam, EQ Resource, Rasper's) - Shared task. Optional step is getting hit by a feign death AE three times while fighting Arcane Guardian Solandrielagral.
    • Increases Living Will of Alra (Nature) faction and decreases Arcanists of Alra (Arcane) faction.
  • The Word of Erion (Allakhazam, EQ Resource, Rasper's) - Shared task. Optional step is killing a Fal'Kaa's Shadowward at the top of the shade pillar. This task puts a buff in your song window. The buff, Agents of Life, seems to interfere with invisibility.
    • Increases Purity of Alra (Light) faction and decreases Shades of Alra (Dark) faction.
  • The Word of Fal`Kaa (Allakhazam, EQ Resource, Rasper's) - Shared task. Optional step is to avoid aggro returning the book to the light pillar.
    • Increases Shades of Alra (Dark) faction and decreases Purity of Alra (Light) faction.
  • The Word of Melretia (Allakhazam, EQ Resource, Rasper's) - Shared task. Optional step is finishing within 30 minutes.
    • Increases Arcanists of Alra (Arcane) faction and decreases Living Will of Alra (Nature) faction.

Group missions[edit | edit source]

Progression[edit | edit source]

Named mobs[edit | edit source]

Lore[edit | edit source]

In the Pillars of Alra competing followers of the Alaran god of magic Alra debate endlessly over the truest interpretation of the God's essence. Vast magical energies support floating towers in the sky, each dedicated to a particular style of magic