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Progressive spells, also known as Dichotomic, Dissident and Composite spells, are spells, songs, and disciplines that improve as you complete specific content. First introduced in The Broken Mirror, they received an improvement with The Burning Lands and Claws of Veeshan.

The Broken Mirror[edit]

Among the other, more normal, spells, each class gets a progressive "Dichotomic" spell or discipline with six ranks that levels as you complete The Broken Mirror progression. This spell is touted as a powerful spell / discipline customized for each class.

They are purchased from Warlowe Rida (Spells) next to Quellious in the Plane of Tranquility. She can be found using the Find window (Ctrl-F). Talking to her can also fix any issues you may have with your Dichotomic spell.

The Dichotomic spell is not scribed in your spellbook in the normal fashion, instead right click the scroll you buy from her.

To level up the spell, you need to right-click the item granted as a reward for the following achievements:

  • Champion of Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life (Group) (10 Points): Right-click Duality of Life to now cast Rank 2
  • Champion of Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay (Group) (10 Points): Right-click Duality of Decay to now cast Rank 3
  • Champion of the Plane of Health (Raid) (10 Points): Right-click Quintessence of Health to now cast Rank 4
  • Champion of the Crypt of Decay (Raid) (10 Points): Right-click Quintessence of Decay to now cast Rank 5
  • Mirrorbreaker (Raid) (10 Points): Right-click Synthesis of Sul to now cast Rank 6

The range of power of the dichotomics are 1 to 6, with the 6th being about 25% more powerful than the 1st.

The Burning Lands[edit]

New progressive spells, disciplines, and song were introduced with The Burning Lands. The TBL spells are known as Dissident.

  • Under the hood
    • For most other spells, you get a scroll/tome/song and right click it to memorize it. It goes in your spellbook/combat window at that level and then you use it at that level.
    • Progressive spells use special mechanics that put 'hidden' spells on your character at level 250, and it's those spells that get triggered when you use the base ability.
    • A script on the base spell item gives you these hidden spells as well as the base spell.
  • How you get them
    • See Virtuous Dusk below.
  • How you make them better
    • The spells are tied to your progression through the expansion. You'll be able to cast at least the first rank just for buying it, but getting the best rank will require raiding.
    • Each rank of these spells is tied to an achievement, and earning that achievement will grant you a Smoke-Filled Lamp reward. Right click the lamp to upgrade your spells. See When you get what below for list.
  • What can go wrong
    • There are a lot of safeguards in EverQuest to prevent you from having spells you 'shouldn't' have. Unfortunately they all think that you shouldn't have these hidden spells.
    • Changing religions can do this, as that process attempts to remove any spells you had that you no longer qualify to have memorized (for any reason).
    • For the existing spells from The Broken Mirror, talking to Warlowe Rida (Spells) in the Plane of Tranquility will fix your missing hidden spells.
  • When you get what
    • Rank 1 - No requirements, just buy it
    • Rank 2 - Complete Adventurer of the Burning Lands (Group) OR Complete the Plane of Health achievement in The Broken Mirror (old rank 5).
    • Rank 3 - Complete Vindicator of The Burning Lands (Group) OR Complete access to Crypt of Sul (old rank 6).
    • Rank 4 - Complete Heatseeker (Group).
    • Rank 5 - Complete access to request one of the second tier TBL raids (Achievement: Winds of Ash (Raid)).
    • Rank 6 - Complete access to request one of the third tier TBL raids (Achievement: Flameward (Raid)).

Virtuous Dusk[edit]

The base spells/discs/songs are sold by NPC vendor Virtuous Dusk (Progressive Spells) in Stratos: Zephyr's Flight for about 3,000 platinum. She can be found using the Find window (Ctrl-F). Scribing one will give you the hidden spells you qualify for.

In addition, she will also let you know your progress and should fix any issues.

You say, 'Hail, Virtuous Dusk'

Virtuous Dusk says, 'Have we met, adventurer? Never mind, I care not and have no time for pleasantries. Would you like to know about the power of [dissidence], or have you heard this before and merely need a [reminder]?'

You say, 'dissidence'

Virtuous Dusk says, 'I have use for your coin. Do not trouble yourself with the reasons. However, I can [teach] you about these dissident abilities, and how they will grow in [power] along with your knowledge of our current troubles.'

You say, 'reminder'

You are unable to learn your progressive ability because you do not know the base ability.

You say, 'teach'

Virtuous Dusk says, 'Laws, contracts, and orders are the rule of the land here. The truest source of [power] comes from the ability to disrupt those contracts, tipping the value of the agreed exchange in your favor.'

You say, 'power'

Virtuous Dusk says, 'Unlike most abilities, these will grow in power as you prove yourself worthy in this matter. A lamp may appear to you when you have achieved specific goals. The being trapped within will grant you a more powerful version of your dissident ability in exchange for freedom.'

Claws of Veeshan[edit]

Claws of Veeshan introduced the next level, Composite.

The base spells/discs/songs are sold by NPC vendor Krykorn Elsonower (Progressive Abilities) in The Western Wastes (Claws of Veeshan) in the south-east part of the zone, south of the tunnel to Cobalt Scar (Claws of Veeshan) for about 3,800 platinum. She can be found using the Find window (Ctrl-F).

Purchasing the base spell/discipline/song will give you the first rank.

Krykorn Elsonower will also update your progress, if needed, and let you know your progressive ability rank.

Increasing your ranks is done by right-clicking Velium Composite Scale, which are obtained by completing achievements. Achievements which give Velium Composite Scales are:

Completing each one and then right-clicking the Velium Composite Scale raises your rank by one. You can increase your rank to a maximum of rank four with the group achievements and two with the raid ones, to get a maximum possible rank of six.

Upon clicking the final Velium Composite Scale needed to finish, you will get the emote, "You have learned the sixth and final rank of your progressive ability!".