Ruins of Shadow Haven

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Ruins of Shadow Haven is a tier 2 zone in the Night of Shadows expansion.

The zone is a mix of combat and non-combat areas. There are teleporters that will let those not interested in combat move around.

Expansion Night of Shadows
Continent Luclin
Type Indoors
Instanced No
Levitation Yes
Can Bind All
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Zone layout[edit | edit source]

The Lost Turnip and the teleport pad

Just across from The Lost Turnip vegetable store is a teleport pad that will take you to the bridge near the zone line to Paludal Depths if you stand on it. In the other fortified parts of the zone are more teleport pads which move you to different areas.

Connections[edit | edit source]

To Ruins of Shadow Haven

  • Item: Lost Turnip Sign - Personal teleport device (claim item from Collector's, Premium, and Family & Friends editions)
  • Item: Shadow Haven Teleport Pad - House or Guild Hall teleport device (housing claim item from Premium and Family & Friends editions)

Lore[edit | edit source]

What is behind the locked door has finally been revealed, but with the revelation came disaster. An enormous spirit creature resembling a giant owlbear rampaged through Shadow Haven, leaving destroyed buildings and many dead in its wake.

Enough time has passed for the residents to clean up, move residences, and put in temporary repairs. To the residents additional detriment Fungal creatures have invaded from Paludal caverns.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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