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For past Special event history, see: Talk:Special events

This article lists various special events that seem to appear at various times. It does not include the other annual events that appear on their own articles (see sidebar to right).

Brew Day[edit | edit source]

Brew Day is EverQuest's Saint Patrick's Day celebration. During Brew Day, shamrock Hero's Forge hats will drop off of random mobs.

For 2024, Brew Day began March 13 and ended March 26 at 2300 PT.


Death, Death, Death![edit | edit source]

Death, Death, Death!
Promotional image: Sony Online Entertainment

The Challenge is a progression-based game instance where teams of six (6) players will have forty (40) minutes to defeat as many boss encounters as possible.

During SOE Live, a contest was been held for a number of years involving an event called The EverQuest® Death, Death, Death Challenge, more commonly known as Death, Death, Death!.

This event is also available on live servers as a special event.

For 2023, it returned on July 19 at 00:00 PDT and ended August 8 at 23:00 PDT.

The quest is given by Tudasali, Emissary of Thurgadin, in Great Divide. He is found at /loc -1050, -125 (outside one of the guard towers just south of Thurgadin).

Achievements[edit | edit source]

The following achievements and titles are available, based on how far players can progress through this event:

  • Achievement: Death, Death, Death!: Decimator
Suffix Title: Decimator of Death
  • Achievement: Death, Death, Death!: Defeater
Suffix Title: Defeater of Death
  • Achievement: Death, Death, Death!: Demolisher
Suffix Title: Demolisher of Death
  • Achievement: Death, Death, Death!: Destroyer
Suffix Title: Destroyer of Death
Fall Fun
  • Achievement: Death, Death, Death!: Doombringer
Suffix Title: Doombringer of Death
  • Achievement: Death, Death, Death!: Deathdealer
Suffix Title: Dealer of Death

Fall Fun[edit | edit source]

Note that in the in-game calendar this is listed as Changes of Fall rather than Fall Fun.


All begin at 00:00 PDT and end at 23:00 PDT

  • September 12 – September 25: Double rare (named) spawns and double faction.
  • September 26 – October 9: 50% reduced lockout timers.
  • October 10 – October 23: 50% bonus experience.

Feast of Giving[edit | edit source]

In 2020 and 2021, the Feast consisted of bonus experience, rare mobs, and faction; along with Marketplace sales. Introduced in 2022 are three quests. For 2022, it began on November 14 and ended November 27 at 23:00 PST. For 2023, it began on November 8 and ended on November 26 at 23:00 PST.

In-game bonuses are added for a few days, for 2023, they began on November 22 and ended on November 26, 2023, at 11:00 p.m. PST. They consist of 50% bonus to character experience, 50% increase to rare spawn chance, 50% bonus to faction changes

The frogloks of Rathe Mountains have decided that this is the season to reach out to the ogres and trolls of Innothule Swamp. They have sent the young froglok, Zok Glooria, to bring the feast to those bashers and bouncers now inhabiting the swamp. She may need a little assistance in making sure that the feasts are delivered without being feasted upon. She offers two new quests that have been set to be accepted by all character levels. Once the bouncers have been fed, Bouncer Mako offers a follow-up quest.

Feast of Giving is Back – EQ forum November 14, 2022

  • Feast Fit for a Basher (EQResource) - Given by Zok Glooria in Innothule Swamp.
  • Feast Fit for a Bouncer (EQResource) - Given by Zok Glooria in Innothule Swamp.
  • Feast Fit for a Froglok (EQResource) - Given by Bouncer Mako in Innothule Swamp.

Raid, Raid, Raid![edit | edit source]

Scorched Sky[edit | edit source]

It is time to celebrate the power of fire and flame!

It’s time to kick off our Scorched Sky Celebration! Once again, Fennin Ro and his son, Solusek Ro, are seeking to grow the ranks of their devotees. To rejoice in the primal power of fire and flame though, you'll need to steel your heart and be ready to face your fears like never before.

Daybreak EQ News: Scorched Sky is back!

Scorched Sky

The Scorched Sky is an annual event first introduced in 2022.

For 2023, the event began on Monday, June 26 at 00:00 PDT and ended on Sunday, July 9 at 23:00 PDT. In addition to the tasks are Marketplace bags and Overseer quests.

Also, from July 1st 00:01 PT to July 8th 23:00 PT there was a 76% bonus to character experience, faction, and rare spawn chance.

The event consists of three quests and one group mission.


Seek out Carlene Snizzlefriz, near the Temple of Solusek Ro, in the Lavastorm Mountains. The Devotee of Flame has been investigating the changing composition of the lava. She is working to protect the local wildlife from unintended changes. Being a devoted follower of Solusek Ro, she is curious if the changing lava can be used for creating new pyrotechnics.

  • Sometimes You Need More (Allakhazam, EQ Resource) - Given by Carlene Snizzlefriz in the Lavastorm Mountains
  • Make Them Brighter (Allakhazam, EQ Resource)- Given by Carlene Snizzlefriz in the Lavastorm Mountains
  • Bigger Than the Moon (EQ Resource) - Given by Carlene Snizzlefriz in the Lavastorm Mountains


Keeper Lyne is letting Carlene handle the investigation. She is concerned about protecting her lava snails. If you are interested in helping her protect these shelled gastropods, head to the caves in the north of the Lavastorm Mountains. She can be found near the entrance to the Broodlands.

  • Guardians of the Snails (Allakhazam, EQ Resource)- Given by Keeper Lyne in the Lavastorm Mountains. Completing the mission spawns a chest with a loot item, and also grants each participant a Scorched Magmatic Snail Familiar.


The achievements for Scorched Sky may be found in the Achievements window under Events > Holiday.

  • Scorched Sky: Somebody Say Fireworks
  • Scorched Sky: Guardians of the Snails
  • Scorched Sky: Guardians of the Snails Mission Challenges

Stomples Day[edit | edit source]

For 2024 Stomples Day began March 27 00:00 PDT and ended on April 30 23:00 PT. There were no new quests for 2024.

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