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This page is for discussion of EverQuest Inventory Report. Please place your comments, questions, and suggestions here.

Current Version[edit]


Just download EverQuest Inventory Report v3.1.3.exe and place it (almost) anywhere on your computer. Double click to run.

Beta Version[edit]

Beta version[edit]

Download Beta version 3.3.0 if you wish to try it. It should be fine, just not polished. EverQuest Inventory Report v3.3.0.0.exe


Does the possibility exist to handle more characters?

Yes. Adding more characters is, however, not trivial as I would need to increase everything from the current 14. The reason 14 is the maximum is that is the most you can have on one account and server. The program is not designed for use with more than one EQ account and server at a time. It is possible to 'work-around' that limitation by having different ini files that you load as needed, which is not exactly optimal. Also, currently development is stalled due to the need for me to spend time to get back up to speed. I also need to learn and use Git so as to handle version control. — Fanra (talk) 15:40, 20 June 2022 (EDT)

When is the next update coming out?

Currently development is stalled due to the need for me to spend time to get back up to speed. I also need to learn and use Git so as to handle version control. — Fanra (talk) 15:40, 20 June 2022 (EDT)

Up Coming Features[edit]

Search Shared Bank items

Advanced search options

Add guild banks

Add EQTraders, Alla's,, other buttons on items

Add Tooltips of Magelo and/or Alla's when you hover over item name

All Items tab: Click button to open window with ListBox where you can select / deselect per character which ones items are shown. ListBox window has choices of All, C1..C14, Remove All, buttons Update, Cancel.

First launch check for -Inventory.txt and -realestate.txt files and offer to add the characters to EQIR.

Add more augmentation slots to accommodate newer items.

Display per character: Inventory Slots, Bank, Real Estate.

Add ability to create text and/or CSV file output of search results.

Change Setup Help to Help and add/update text.

The ability to handle characters from different servers.

Have arrow keys on keyboard scroll windows.

On Add/Remove Characters window, have the number of characters currently added (##/14).

Work properly with Dragon's Hoard.

Add "Other" to server list in the Add / Remove Characters form. Also add all current servers to list.


This is a section for ideas. Please be as specific as you can with what your idea is and why.


This is a section for bugs. Please be as specific as you can with what the error was, if there was an error message, what you were doing when the bug occurred, anything that may have been running when the bug occurred and if possible paste your settings info from the tools, export/import settings, export settings.

Change Log[edit]

Change log:

Version alpha - Removed separate Shared Bank code (button, DataGridViewSB, BindingSource2) as it is now fully incorporated into All Items with filter. User Interface tweaks.

Version alpha - Cleaned up some code. Fixed it so Shared Bank items are now be taken from most recent inventory file. It was using first character in list, which was not optimal. Added Shared Bank Items to help file. All Items search now has filters.

Version alpha - Changed Setup Help to Help. Changed DataGridViewAllItems Columns (Collection) AutoSizeMode to AllCells for changeable items and to ColumnHeader for some others. Formatted DataGridViewAllItems Headers.

Version 3.1.3 - Character name shows in upper left corner of worn item grid. Greatly improved speed for All Items grid loading and searching (column widths are now only set for visible rows).

Version 3.1.2 - Fixed bug with number of characters not reset and set properly.

Version - Fixed bug where All Items and Shared Bank grids would not display because it thought the number of characters was zero the first time you relaunched after adding some.

Version - Code improved and cleaned, bugs fixed. "Exact Match" checkbox for All Items search, so you can choose that "Diamond" does not also show "Blue Diamond" or anything other than "Diamond". Shows up to four augmentations on worn items from previous three. Augmentations were not showing properly, fixed. Removed mandatory settings entry. This was necessary in a previous version as the program would crash if the settings were empty. It should no longer be necessary. Added back Loading, please wait... dialog box while waiting for loading. Fixed issue if you cancel import settings file OpenFileDialog (DialogResult.cancel). UI: Separate column for server name in All Items grid. Fixed bug with incorrect amount of Items in All Items grid (TotalNumberOfItems).

Version 3.0 - Re-written code. Improved User Interface (UI). Setup Wizard - Upon first start, the program will walk you through entering the folder with your output files (by default your EverQuest folder) and entering your character names and servers. All settings saved on your computer at C:\Users\YourPCUserName\AppData\Local\EverQuest_Inventory_Repor. All Items search displays how many items you have, both total and what you have searched for. For example, if you have Blue Diamonds in three separate places, it will also now display how many total (adding up all three places) Blue Diamonds you have. It will also give you the total number of places where they can be found. Program is now just one .exe file, nothing else. Export/Import settings to text file.

Version 2.6 - Now uses inventory files that contain server name. Improved search to cover all instances of entered text. Added button to clear search. Fixed single quote (apostrophe) search bug. Added Setup Wizard features. Added to automatically use C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\EverQuest as EQ folder location if not set and C:\Users\Public\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\EverQuest not found.

Version 2.5 - Added simple search to All Items. Updated License text.

Version 2.2 - Added program icon. Improved License text.

Version 2.1 - Uses "EverQuest Inventory Report settings.ini" to record most settings instead of "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Bruce_Halpern" and/or "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Bruce_Halpern"; "user.config" .xml files. However, the folder "EverQuest_Inventory_Repor" is still created in "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\" to hold location of ini file. New Setup Help text using "Setup Help.rft" file. Progress bars for loading all files and shut down. On first launch it will assume EverQuest is installed in C:\Users\Public\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\EverQuest if the folder exists. It does offer an option to change the setting for what folder you have EQ installed in.

Version 2.0 - New improved Worn tab for all characters. Added "change log.txt" file to files distributed.

Version 1.1 - Added date and time of /output files to output files tab for each character.

Version 1.0.0 - Release version.