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SOE info[edit source]

EverQuest has released 18 expansions over the last 13 years. Players returning to the game or joining us for the first time will now have access to 17 of those expansions. All accounts will be flagged up to and including the House of Thule expansion. Our latest expansion, Veil of Alaris [now Ring of Scale], is available for purchase in the marketplace.

Any account missing an expansion, has now been flagged up through House of Thule. Accounts that previously attained expansions still have their flags.

EverQuest offers a total of 16 unique races and 16 distinct classes. For Silver and Free memberships, the free options included are:

Available Races:

  • Human
  • Erudite
  • Barbarian
  • Gnome

Available Classes:

  • Warrior
  • Cleric
  • Wizard
  • Rogue

Naylie DelANews, SOE Community Relations

Hi there, Norrathians!

You may not realize it, but we talk about you all the time. All day, every day, we dream up ways to make these games better for you, the loyal players and fans of Norrath. EverQuest and EverQuest II have both been running as free-to-play games for a good chunk of time now. We've learned a lot while that's been happening, and we can make things better for you.

So, we're going to take out a bunch of the free-to-play restrictions that you're used to as a Free or Silver player. Why? Because we want you to play more of the game without restriction. We think that letting you play more of the game lets you learn to love Norrath and gives you more chances to connect with the community and make friends.

As of mid-next week, we're going to be removing the following free-to-play restrictions in EverQuest and EverQuest II. Free and Silver players will now have access to all of the following options:

  • We are opening up ALL CLASSES.
  • We are opening up ALL RACES.
  • All bag slots are unlocked.
  • All players can now use the shared bank slots.
  • The quest journal restrictions are lifted entirely. Quest away!
  • Additionally, EverQuest is allowing all players to send delivery parcels!

EverQuest Community News March 2013 - Upcoming Changes for Free and Silver Members

The Veil of Alaris content, previously included with Rain of Fear will become part of the Free to Play offering [when Call of the Forsaken is released].

EverQuest - Call of the Forsaken pre-order info