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If your looking for a non-magic class with a lot of buttons to push. Monk-they keep you active.

Where i have found monk's to shine is: At level 80+ you can focus on your 'mend' skill and critical heal for 60% of your life every 30 seconds.

Bare Fist Damage Delay[edit]

The Fist damage delay rations are incorrect. The correct ratios can be found here:

Thanks for posting this. I'll try to work it into the article when I get the chance. — Fanra (talk) 18:15, 20 October 2016 (EDT)

Disarm is granted much sooner than 27[edit]

My new monk is only lvl 16 and has had Disarm since lvl 12 I believe. By lvl 16 its max skill is 85.

This is on the new server Aggnar.


If you know what level you got Disarm at, please feel free to change the chart with the new level. Other than my creating a new monk and leveling them up, I don't know any other way to discover this. — Fanra (talk) 12:07, 19 June 2017 (EDT)
I made a lvl 1 monk on a regular server and leveled him up and checked at each level and it was available at lvl 10. I took a screen capture of it but don't now how to include that here. Let me know in game if you desire it. - Petts
Thanks. No need for screenshot, your word is good enough for me. — Fanra (talk) 10:37, 27 June 2017 (EDT)