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Brew Day[edit source]

Brew Day 2022 promotional image


  • In 2015, Brew Day began March 18 and ended on April 1.
  • For 2016, Brew Day began March 16 and ended on March 30.
  • For 2017, it began March 15 and ended March 29.
  • For 2018, it began March 14 and ended March 27.
  • For 2019, Brew Day began March 13 and ended March 26.
  • For 2021, Brew Day began March 17 and ended March 30.
  • For 2022, Brew Day began March 16 and ended March 29.

Death, Death, Death![edit source]

For a limited time before SOE Live, the Death, Death, Death! event will be on the test server, and then on the live servers. This is to enable people to practice. It is also open for everyone to experience it.

2022[edit source]

For 2022, it returned on July 20 at 00:00 PDT and ended August 9 at 23:00 PDT.

2021[edit source]

For 2021, it returned on July 21 at 00:00 PDT and ended August 10 at 23:00 PDT.

2020[edit source]

For 2020, it returned on July 15 at 0000 PDT and ended on August 4 at 2300 PDT.

2018[edit source]

For 2018, it returned on July 18 at 00:01 PT and ended on July 31 at 23:59 PT.

2017[edit source]

In 2017, it returned on July 19 at 12:01am PT and ran until August 2 at 12:50pm PT.

2016[edit source]

For 2016, the event returned July 20 and remained until 11PM PT on Wednesday, August 3, 2016.

2015[edit source]

The quest returned on Wednesday, July 22. It will remain until Wednesday, August 5, 2015 at 11PM PDT.

2014[edit source]

This event will be available on live servers Wednesday, July 30 until Wednesday, August 13.

As mentioned in Phathom's July Sense Heading post, 'Death, Death, Death!' is coming to live servers at the end of the month. It will start on Test earlier (this is generally standard) and it will also run much later (this is not generally standard for events run on Test). Feel free to test the event on the Test server or Live in preparation for the competition at SOE Live this year. There are new achievements and new titles for progressing in 'Death, Death, Death!' as well as some significant changes to the event.

Prathun, EQ Developer, July 21, 2014

Fall Fun[edit source]


All begin at 00:00 PDT and end 23:00 PDT

  • September 13 – September 26: Double rare (named) spawns and double faction.
  • September 27 – October 10: 50% reduced lockout timers.
  • October 11 – October 24: 50% bonus experience.


Scorched Sky[edit source]

2022[edit source]

The new Scorched Sky Celebration has begun and it's time for one and all to celebrate the power of fire and flame where weakness and those faint of heart will surely be tested. Starting in Lavastorm, each of you can speak with a Devotee of Flame to get started and to truly show your own allegiance to Fennin and Solusek Ro.

Daybreak EQ News: Scorched Sky 2022

The Scorched Sky is an annual event first introduced in 2022.

For 2022, the event began on Monday, June 27 at 00:00 PDT and ended on Sunday, July 10 at 23:00 PDT.

Stomples Day[edit source]