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Tempest Temple is a tier 1 zone in The Darkened Sea expansion.

Zone layout[edit]


  • Druid teleports
  • Wizard teleports


A violent storm spectacularly erupts on a small island in the Buried Sea. Chunks of Norrath spew towards the sky. The Darkness is coming. Can you feel it?

Years ago, outlanders came upon the Coral Keep, also known as Tempest Temple. With them they brought many treasures. Most notably for the fate of Coral Keep was religion. A charismatic priest of Karana convinced a group of powerful kedge wizards to convert. Together they hatched a plan to open a gateway to the Plane of Storms. This was no trivial feat. Under cover of darkness, they instilled potent magics on a nearby volcanic island. One night, the volcano erupted in fire, water, magma, and… something else.

As the balance-keepers of the very world of Norrath, Druids sense a great disturbance in these events. They have called for your aid, traveler. The island itself is in complete chaos, with pieces suspended in the air and an ever-raging storm that threatens all. The world could be in peril if the Karana-worshipping kedge are not stopped.

Tempest Temple: The Storm is Coming

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