The Corrupted Temple

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The Corrupted Temple is a zone released in the Rain of Fear expansion. It is an instanced raid zone version of the north wing of Temple of Veeshan. Most dragons within are intended for Tier 2+ VOA raiding guilds. Vulak'Aerr however, should present quite the challenge for even the toughest of adventuring guilds.

This zone is linked to Western Wastes.

The raid instance is called, "Temple of Fear's Fall".

How to get there[edit | edit source]

To enter the zone and begin a raid, head to Western Wastes (Velious). Of all the ways to get to Western Wastes, I recommend the following:

  • First, complete The Breeding Grounds Portal Activation quest. This will allow you to use the portal in Shard's Landing to go to The Breeding Grounds.
  • In The Breeding Grounds, go to the zone line with Dragon Necropolis and zone over.
  • In Dragon Necropolis, go to the Western Wastes zone line and zone over.
  • In Western Wastes, head to the Temple of Veeshan entrance but do not enter it.

There might be easier ways to get there but I don't know any.

At the entrance to Temple of Veeshan in Western Wastes there is a purple crystal.

Clicking the crystal will spawn "a temple custodian". If you have between 6 and 54 people in your group/raid, you will be assigned the raid instance upon telling the NPC "enter". Note: You have to be the group/raid leader to get the instance. Once you have the expedition, say "ready" to enter.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

Besides the large number of annoying trash mobs, there are 12 "minor" named dragons that drop raid loot, and Vulak'Aerr, the boss of the zone.

Expect almost every mob to dispel your buffs. Having an instant clicky might be helpful, although I tend to wind up buffless no matter what I do, so it normally doesn't seem worth the effort.

Named[edit | edit source]

  • Aaryonar
  • Cekenar
  • Dagarn the Destroyer
  • Jorlleag
  • Lady Mirenilla
  • Lady Nevederia
  • Lord Feshlak
  • Lord Koi'Doken
  • Lord Kreizenn
  • Lord Vyemm
  • Sevalak
  • Zlexak
  • Vulak'Aerr - Boss of the zone.

Progression[edit | edit source]

This zone is not related to the other zones in the expansion and is not part of the raid progression. You do not get any raid currency from completing the raids here.

Faction[edit | edit source]

There are no faction hits to worry about in The Corrupted Temple, unlike in the original NToV.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Temple of Veeshan has been corrupted by the falling shards. Sontalak, being the inquisitive guardian of the temple that he is, saw the shard as it fell into the canyon near his watch post, and dragged it back inside near the portal. Inside the crystal, the north wing of the Temple of Veeshan has manifested with familiar faces, yet somehow they're not quite the same.