The Void (H)

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The Void (H) is a zone in the Call of the Forsaken expansion.

The Void is the ruins of Norrath in another timeline. First introduced in the Seeds of Destruction expansion, it consisted of several copies (A through G).

All Seeds of Destruction copies are identical with the only difference being that Zebuxoruk would offer for sale more items as you went from A to G. Progression was required to advance through them.

In Call of the Forsaken, the arrival of Lady Lendiniara has disrupted the timeline again, with a new Void created. This Void is not the same as the others.

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Lore[edit | edit source]

The timeline the world is on that leads you to The Void (H) in CotF has split from the path that Norrath was on during Seeds of Destruction, which is why it exists outside of the continuum of The Void (A-G) and the portals do not work the same way.

Everything Norrathians do alters the course of the future in one way or another. Monumental events such as Ethernere flowing into our plane of existence are especially impactful.

What we see in The Void (G) is the end of time if we follow this particular course of history until the planet's death.

The visuals are the same in that the pantheon has not been slain, thus littering the celestial atmosphere with their remnants (Norrathians prevented that by completing SoD) but what Zebuxoruk has experienced and what he has to relay to you is different.