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Thuliasaur Island is a tier 3 zone in The Darkened Sea expansion. The zone is locked until you complete some quests.

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For thousands of years, dinosaurs ruled a remote island to the south of the Buried Sea. It is thought that long ago, dragons once deposited eggs on this island so that these dinosaurs could live in peace as the rest of their race eventually died off. After all, biologically, dinosaurs are cousins to the mighty dragons.

Over the years, others have encroached upon the mysterious island as well. After the dragons left the dinosaurs there, they did not return to check up on them. As a result, other creatures tried to take control of parts of the island. Lizard men, aviaks, giants, and even ghosts contend for domination of the isle.

First to make the island their home after the dinosaurs were the Thaell Ew Lizardmen. Once favored by Cazic-Thule, they created massive temples, which sprawled from the far west of the island up to the north. These are now in various states of dilapidation after constant struggles with the other creatures on the island, each competing for territory.

Decades ago, and by a mere chance after a lost war, the massive Kromtus Giants were sent through a magical void and landed on the island. These giants were originally elite scouts of the Rallosian army. Unable to find ways to return, they eventually settled the island and created a village in the southeast.

Before the fall of the Combine Empire, a group of sailors happened upon the isle by accident. For unknown reasons, they settled the beach but did not survive. Their ghosts still haunt the beaches of Thuliasaur Island.

The massive storm that threatens the Buried Sea (and really all of Norrath itself) has caused the inhabitants of Thuliasaur Island to be at severe unease. Most notably, the Bloodfeather Aviaks, once avid worshipers of the god Karana, now restlessly flock to worship a great black raven to the south of the island. A sense of dread in their squawks can be heard from the beaches.

Thuliasaur Island: Here There Be Dinosaurs

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