Tradeskill Depot

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The Tradeskill Depot, a/k/a Tradeskill Component Depot, is a tradeskill item only storage bank to be introduced in the Night of Shadows expansion.

Your account will gain a Tradeskill Component Depot that can hold 250 stacks of different tradeskill items. You can add slots with marketplace items as you need them. This depot is shared among your characters on the same account and server, like a shared bank. Each of these slots ignores the standard stack sizes and can hold significantly more of each item. Additionally, you can utilize these items anywhere in the world when crafting.

Guild Tradeskill Depot[edit]

While it has not been announced by Darkpaw, it appears there is planning for a guild bank tradeskill depot to be added to the guild bank. It is believed this will be available to guilds with a marketplace purchase.


When crafting items, you can choose to draw materials from your Tradeskill Depot, or, if available, your Guild Tradeskill Depot.