Valley of King Xorbb

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Valley of King Xorbb is a zone in the Rain of Fear expansion.

Zone layout[edit]


  • Gorge of King Xorbb



Solo quests[edit]

Kill tasks[edit]

Partisan tasks[edit]

Group missions[edit]

Named mobs[edit]



Deep beneath a valley forgotten, trapped in a lightless prison, King Xorbb waited for the day he would be free. Then the shard fell, bursting through the valley floor and breaking though the walls that for so long had confined him.

Rising from the debris, Xorbb claimed the power of the shard. With it he created the valley anew: He sculpted its hills and rivers, carved its tunnels and caverns, and secured a sanctum for himself. He brought goblins and minotaurs that would do his bidding and prepare for an assault on Norrath.

He would no longer be subjugated; he would be the subjugator. And Rivervale would be the first to fall.