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The Word of Anriella

Who- Il`Rator of Anriella
Requirements- The First Pilgrimage and dubious faction
Phrase- errand

Quest steps:



Il`Rator wishes to bring life to the coldness of the Arcane pillar and tells you to go sit in their pool to do so. Head over to the Arcane, go to the bottom floor, and clear some trash. When you enter the pool an arcane interceptor spawns and attacks, up to two at a time. It seems "an empowered guardian" also attacks. You will need to kill 10 of the intercepters. With those dead head up to the first level with the purification equipment (two up from ground floor). In a few of the rooms you'll find dead naturewards, untargetable, but when you right click one you'll get a message about guards keeping you from investigating. Clear that room and right click the corpse. You'll get a message about them fearing life and an "Unyielding Essence of Life". Put this in the Arcane Infuser and press combine. When you do so, an Arcane Guardian Solandrielagral spawns and attacks, hitting for over 20k and can knock you down every 45 seconds. Kill it, then do the combine, but be ready to evac. When you do the combine it shakes the pillar and it seems everything agros you! Get out fast.

You can earn the Optional reward by survive the knockdowns, I think. It is a clickable tablet that adds xp to your evolving Tear.