Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Crisis of Faith

Who- an apparition
Requirements- The First Pilgrimage, The Word of Melretia, The Word of Anriella, The Word of Fal`Kaa, and The Word of Erion
Phrase- pillars

Quest steps:



The apparation has sent you to Resplendent Temple to find clues about how the factions splintered. Start by moving around the garden, following the directional whispers to visit six trees, which trees and what order is random. Then go to other trees until a Verdantguard Ambusher falls out and attacks. Kill it and you get a doll on your cursor. If you die it will despawn. Each member of your group will need to trigger one, however if yours despawns and you kill one for a groupmate, you still get credit. Take this to the apparition in Pillars and he reacts strongly and then gives you a vision of Windsong Sanctuary. When you head over you are given a vague direction to a tree. When you find it you're given a direction to a second. When you reach that you are spun to face another tree, even if it is on the opposite side of zone. When you reach the third a lightward ambusher spawns and attacks. When it dies you get a torn pages on your cursor. Take this to the apparition in Pillars, who looks sadly at the images. You need to find the rest of the journal, start with the 5th floor of the Light pillar (northwest). As you walk about an Erion's tomeguard will spawn and attack (watch for adds if you are kos). When it dies, you get a message that it was wearing a pendant of the Pillar of the Black, so head to the 3rd floor of the Black pillar (southeast). When you reach the floor you are given a message that perhaps a fallen lightguard has a clue, so click on the corpses in white robes until you get an update, revealing more about the journal and pointing towards the Nature Pillar (southwest) as the next place to check. Head to the upper library (6th floor) where you are attacked by Anriella's tomekeeper. As it dies it destroys the tome in blue flame, a sign of arcane magic. Head to the pool of the Arcane pillar (northeast, basement). You'll need to kill the three gargoyles in the pool and then when you enter a Melretia's manatender spawns and attacks. When it dies, you recover some ooze. Take this to the apparition to complete the task.