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This page is for information on Non Player Characters (NPCs), both quest ones and mobs (monsters).

There are nearly as many NPCs in EverQuest as there are people in Tampa, Florida: The total population of Norrathian NPCs is well over 344,935!

Piestro, EQ Community Relations, March 15, 2013

Consider messages (faction and difficulty)[edit]

When you Consider NPCs (/con) you will get a message. The message relays two things. The first is the NPCs attitude toward you. The second is how tough the NPC is compared to you.

Attitude (from worst to best):

ready to attack, threateningly, dubious, apprehensive, indifferent, amiably, kindly, warmly, ally

NPCs will attack you on sight if "ready to attack" and "threateningly". They will not attack but will refuse to trade if "dubious".

How tough:

Gray: xxx, Green: xxx, Light blue: looks kind of dangerous, Dark blue: it appears to be quite formidable, White: looks like quite a gamble, Yellow: xxx, Red: what would you like your tombstone to say?

Spawn Timers[edit]

"Actually we just reduced the spawn times for everything Luclin and below (I think we stopped there - pretty sure) to 3 days +/- (X) less than a year ago for all raid targets that were over that limit. There are no plans to reduce it any further at this time." - Nodyin, EQ Designer

Ancient Cyclops[edit]

"There's one spawn in South Ro with a 30.66666666 minute repop time that has a 10% chance of being the ancient cyclops, but he has to spawn at night. He's on the same spawn table with a_desert_madman, a_dervish_cutthroat, a_sand_giant, and a_mummy." - Prathun, EQ Designer

Little Bo[edit]

Little Bo (Elite Supplier) in The Steam Factory zone is at location -61 +443.

Mob corpse timer[edit]

If the mob is level 54 or below, the corpse will disappear eight minutes after death. Corpses of mobs level 55 or higher last for 30 minutes.

Mob debuff / DoT limit[edit]

According to this thread, the maximum debuffs / DoTs that may be placed on mob is 97. The 97 consists of 55 hard coded (which are displayed by the UI) + 42 that everybody has (which are not displayed on mobs).