Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

No Freedom In Death

Who- Fallen Soul
Requirements- Down the Hole, All Alone, At Peace I Will Be, Fall of the Tae Ew, and Welcome to My Nightmare
Phrase- help

Mission steps:



Say "ready" to enter the instance.

The fallen soul wants your help in freeing the other souls bound to the well, and the force behind them. Begin by clearing your way to the mud room to the east, then a path to the far east. Supposedly 35 min after your first kill the Lost Souls become KoS, but I'm not sure if this is working. Once you've killed 20, hail the Fallen Soul and the Lower Denizen (red Balrog) will spawn in the mud room and the Higher Denizen (black Balrog) spawns to the far east. The Lower has a repulse AE, so be careful of that. Once both are dead the Warden spawns in the far eastern room. He has a dot that snares and makes you a mudman. Once he is dead the task locks, go hail the fallen soul to spawn your chest with one spell and one of the following: