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For information on the rules for third party programs. see Utilities > Legality.

There are certain rules created by Daybreak regarding gameplay. Violating those rules may result in a temporary suspension or a permanent ban from playing Daybreak games. Here are some of the rules.

Not allowed / exploits[edit]

And as a refresher, doing any of the following on ANY server may result in action being taken against your Daybreak Account:
  • Unattended Gameplay: Any method that lets a character take actions while you’re not at your keyboard.
  • Playing on virtual machines.
  • Any attempt to circumvent the /pickzone timer.
  • Any attempt to avoid or circumvent lockout timers.

Daybreak forum post: Coirnav Progression Server FAQ - Coming March 16, 2018!

Unattended Gameplay[edit]

It is not ok for an account to be played unattended or AFK.

If you need to go away for longer than a few seconds please move your character to an empty part of the zone or log out completely.

If a character, including any pets or mercs, is found performing actions while the user is away disciplinary action will be taken against the account.

Disciplinary action for unattended or AFK gameplay can include, but is not limited to; account warning, account suspension, and account termination (ban).

Daybreak Help: EverQuest AFK or Unattended Gameplay


Any bug or otherwise unintentional mechanic that can be manipulated to gain extra/atypical in-game advantages or benefits is considered to be an exploit.

Performing an action that allows you to bypass a lockout timer is an exploit. The timer is an implemented mechanic intended to create a downtime that players have to wait through. Skipping this wait allowed players to repeatedly collect loot, giving them an unintentional advantage. Regardless of how long the ability to do this was in the game, this should be fairly clear cut.

If you come across an exploit, you can report it using /bug. If you repeatedly use it to gain unintended benefits, you'll likely have to face consequences for your actions.

Roxxlyy, Daybreak Community Relations

Purposely avoiding a lockout or replay timer is an exploit, especially when doing so to repeatedly farm something, be it items, exp, faction, whatever.

Ngreth, Senior Designer, EverQuest


Program that has autofire button (and you are still in the general vicinity of the keyboard) - Not cheating

Swimming on auto-run into a corner to raise up swimming - Not cheating

Piestro, EQ Community Relations