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Here are some links to sites with EverQuest information.

Daybreak Game Company (DGC)[edit]

Download EverQuest setup

Note: To play on Test server, on the LaunchPad go to Advanced Tools (click gear in lower left of LaunchPad) > Select Game Version and pick Test. You may wish to have a separate installation of EverQuest just for Test server play.

Server status

Social media

Volunteer Guide Program

The Volunteer Guide Program is an SOE program to provide in-game guides who converse with players, as well as run dynamic quests, answer circles and conduct wedding ceremonies when requested.


New / Returning Players[edit]


Class Sites[edit]

Item sites[edit]

Game utilities[edit]

See also: Utilities
  • Bill2's Process Manager - Allows you to set EQ to use all of your CPU cores. [Site is in French, use Google Translate for English] This utility is no longer needed, as EQ can now be set to use all cores in the eqclient.ini file.
  • EQ Manager - Home of the ItemDataManage program for inventory management.
  • EverLogs - (previously known as EQChar Info). EverLogs is a character analyzer and statistics program for EverQuest.
  • GamboSoft - Home of GamParse, GamTextTriggers, and GamSettingsMover.
  • PlayClaw
  • TeamSpeak - Voice chat.
  • TSNotifier - Overlay for TeamSpeak.
  • Teamspeak 3 Overlay

EQ Humor[edit]

Guild Progression Lists[edit]

Miscellaneous Sites[edit]