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Achievements Tip of the Week – The Task System - 12/11/07


Tradeskill quests

Raiders are never a consideration for difficulty in missions. They are designed exclusively for group players and if they are easy for raiders, that's fine. They are meant to be doing raids, after all.

Group players should need to get some gear before attempting these missions. They are meant to be hard to do if you are using bots. Get people. We like when people work with other people to do things. That is the point, after all.

In the perfect world, the first mission would be easy-ish for groups with a little gear, and the final one would be hard for groups with a lot of gear. This, sadly, is not a perfect world.

Rewards window[edit | edit source]

Most newer quests will place a reward in the Quests > Rewards window (Select a Reward). The Rewards window can be accessed by the EQ button, Quests, Rewards.

A maximum of ten rewards may be saved in the window. Should you have more than ten rewards in the window, you must claim enough to drop to ten or below, or you lose the excess rewards when you zone or camp.

Every time you log in a character, it will show the rewards window if that character has any unclaimed quest rewards.

Quest Journal[edit | edit source]

Most newer quests are placed in the Quest Journal. To bring up the Quest Journal window the default is Alt-Q or you can use the EQ button > Quests > Quest Journal. The maximum number of quests you can have active at once in the Quest Journal appears to be 29 solo quests and one group quest.

Original EverQuest[edit | edit source]

The Scars of Velious[edit | edit source]

The Planes of Power[edit | edit source]

Gates of Discord[edit | edit source]

Omens of War[edit | edit source]

Dragons of Norrath[edit | edit source]

Depths of Darkhollow[edit | edit source]

The Serpent's Spine[edit | edit source]

The Buried Sea[edit | edit source]

  • Katta Castrum Portal Quests
    • Portal Activation: Sanctuary
    • Portal Activation: Dangerous Grounds
    • Portal Activation: War Torn Portals

Secrets of Faydwer[edit | edit source]

Seeds of Destruction[edit | edit source]

  • Bonus quests. If you tell a Herald in one of the SoD zones, "Special", you may be given a "Bonus" task. This will give you extra chronobines, experience, and faction for completing one of the regular tasks.

Underfoot[edit | edit source]

These tasks allow you to exchange two raid weapons for a single weapon from the same tier:

House of Thule[edit | edit source]

Veil of Alaris[edit | edit source]

Rain of Fear[edit | edit source]

Epic quests[edit | edit source]

  • Druid
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Epic 2.5 (An Epic Augment) - See The Demiplane of Blood raid for the raid to obtain the piece needed.
  • An Epic Request - This quest will grant an augmentation that give the appearance of your epic on any weapon you use it on. You can do the quest for each of the epic quests you have completed. Lady Carolline in Felwithe gives out the quests (she sees invisible for those evil races that don't want hassles). In addition, completing this quest allows your character to enter the Arcane Fair zone.
    • An Epic Retelling - If you have completed An Epic Request you can then get An Epic Retelling. This will give you a unique class ornament. This is a secret achievement earned by doing some special optional action during An Epic Request. By earning this achievement, you can select a 4th ornament for your class. You must do An Epic Request a 3rd time to earn this achievement, but the optional step can be done on any of the previous attempts.

Special quests[edit | edit source]

For limited time only quests, see Annual events.

No longer in game

Multi-Questing[edit | edit source]

Old style quests have a flag that allows or disallows multi-questing.
Approximately 10% of quests are flagged to disallow.
The message you'll see is "You must turn in all quest items at once in order to complete this quest."

Prathun, EQ Developer

Quest level scaling[edit | edit source]

Some quests increase or decrease the level of the mobs to match the level(s) of the players.

Scales to PC level doesn't mean that NPCs are all the same level as the highest level player in the zone. In zones that use level scaling, NPC levels are an offset from the highest level player in the zone. For instance, if Bob_the_scaling_boss is +5 levels and Joe_the_easy_schmo is -3 levels... If the zone is level 100, Bob is 105 and Joe is 97. If the zone is level 70, Bob is 75 and Joe is 67. If the zone stops scaling at 110, and the highest level player in the zone is 115, Bob will be 115 and Joe will be 107.

Prathun, EQ Developer, March 26, 2020

Quests that scale[edit | edit source]

Note that for these quests, the maximum level it will scale to is based on the maximum level that characters could obtain at the time the quest was introduced into the game.

From a Daybreak forum post by Prathun, EQ Developer, March 6, 2020:

These tasks reference dynamic zones that scale to PC level:

  • A Fateful Arrival
  • A Formal Dinner Party
  • A Helping Hand
  • A Posthumous Proposition
  • A Ranger's Tale
  • Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay
  • Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls
  • Anashti Sul, Lady of Life
  • Artifacts of Great Importance
  • Bane of Decay
  • Brendaleen's Scheme
  • Castle Relic
  • Chetari Tunnel Adventure
  • Cleansing the Ground
  • Clearing a Path
  • Dead Dragons
  • Deadline
  • Death Peace
  • Decay Decreased
  • Defenders of the Faith
  • Defending Knowledge
  • Delving into Frostcrypt
  • Disrupting the Ritual
  • Excavating an Answer
  • Fate Rewards the Bold
  • Fippy's Further Revenge
  • Force the Forceful
  • Goblins and Fools
  • Grannus of the Cleansing Steam
  • Grummus!
  • Hate Hath No Fury
  • In Defense of Health
  • Infiltration of Kor-Sha
  • Into the Hills
  • Into the Temple
  • Ironing out the Legion
  • Kedge Counterblow
  • Korucust's Royal Pain
  • Late Checkout
  • Legendary Giants
  • Life After Death
  • Liquid Courage
  • Lost but Not Forgotten
  • Lxanvom Labors
  • Mysteries of Kor-Sha
  • On Behest of the Emperor
  • Others' Things
  • Pirates of Timorous Deep
  • Plane of Fear: Revisited
  • Plane of Hate: Revisited
  • Protected Passage
  • Remember the Dead
  • Royal Access
  • Scouting Ahead
  • Seductive Subterfuge
  • Seeking Refuge
  • Shake the Citadel
  • Sprucing Up Shakey
  • Storm of Sorts
  • The Bokon High Council
  • The Darkness Howls
  • The Descending Tower
  • The Handmaiden
  • The Head of the Snake
  • The Hills Are Alive
  • The King's Court
  • The Other Brother
  • The Sealed Gate
  • The Toll Road
  • To the Brave, Go the Spoils!
  • Undead Underground
  • Under the Robe
  • War Games
  • We Make Our Own Rewards
  • What Happens In Neriak...

LDoN and Heroic scaling[edit | edit source]

LDoN [Lost Dungeons of Norrath] Adventures used different zone headers, spawns, encounters, NPCs, and loot tables in order to scale. It required a massive amount of design data to implement as all the data was duplicated across each level bracket.
The different leveled versions are 5 levels apart, starting at 20 and ending at 65 (hard). Requesting a hard adventure would give you the next bracket above what the group would normally get and the final 65 (hard) was a special case.

Heroic Adventures use the same NPC files for all levels. A scaling system recalculates their levels, stats, spells, and the rewards so that they are appropriate for the level of the zone. The NPCs will recalculate if the level of the highest level character changes. For example: the highest level character leaving the zone, a higher level character entering the zone, or a character gaining a level. The NPCs can technically scale to any level, though the design side wasn't intended to go below level 65. Also worth noting is that as of a recent update the HAs don't scale any higher than whatever the max level was when the content was introduced.

It's a simple matter to see the Heroic Adventure system in action. Have someone higher level zone into an in-progress HA instance and note how the levels of the NPCs change.

Prathun, EQ Developer