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Here is some information about Spells, Songs, Disciplines, and Alternate Advancement (AAs).

Obtaining spells: With the March 16, 2012 free-to-play patch, the scholars of the Library of Myrist in the Plane of Knowledge have expanded their inventories. They now carry many spells, tomes, or songs that an adventurer will need. They do not carry ancient spells or advanced spell ranks.

Spell links[edit]

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Discipline links[edit]

  • For Monk disciplines, see: Monk.

AA bonus scale[edit]

Considering how many AA people have to get these days to be a capable player in the minds of the min-max'er crowd.. I've moved the AAXP bonus scale to reach 0% bonus at 2500AA for House of Thule. The bonus degrades linearly from 500% at 0, to 100% at 2500.

— quote is allegedly from Elidroth, EQ Developer

Changed the AA experience boost for low AA counts from [0 to] 2500 to [0 to] 4000 AA. The bonus now tapers linearly from 1000% to normal experience over this new range. Progression servers will not get this bonus until Veil of Alaris is unlocked.

Game Update Notes: Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Level 65 to 70 spell runes[edit]

  • Level 65 - Taelosian Geomancy Stone Eril, Taelosian Geomancy Stone Jelki, Taelosian Geomancy Stone Yiktu, Chaos Runes
  • Level 66 - Minor Muramite Rune or Minor Shadowspine Rune
  • Level 67 - Lesser Muramite Rune or Lesser Shadowspine Rune
  • Level 68 - Muramite Rune or Shadowspine Rune
  • Level 69 - Greater Muramite Rune or Greater Shadowspine Rune
  • Level 70 - Glowing Muramite Rune or Glowing Shadowspine Rune
  • Level 70 (Ancients) - Ancient Muramite Runes or Ancient Shadowspine Rune

Spell drop rates[edit]

Statistically there are (I think - going from memory here) 16 clerics for every 1 Berserker, and Clerics have lots of spells. The chance to get a spell is weighted by the % of players (active) who play that class at a high level.

Nodyin-Dev, EQ Designer

Banking AAs[edit]

With the release of Empires of Kunark, the maximum AAs you can bank is two times your level.

- Stored AA points greater than 3 times your level will now be removed after logging out. The earned-limit remains 2 times your level.
- - You will now be prompted to purchase any available AA abilities prior to camping if you are over the stored-limit.
- - Free-to-play members who exceed the stored-limit will be allowed to purchase abilities until their stored AA total is below the stored-limit.

Game Update Notes: October 18, 2017

Slow mitigation[edit]

Slow mitigation simply lowers the effectiveness of your slow spell. The exact details have not been released by SOE but the information below has been compiled from various sources. Take what is written here with a grain of salt.

If, for example:

  • Shamans use a 75% slow spell.
  • Enchanters use a 70% slow spell.

If a mob mitigates to 50% effective, then shamans get 37.5% slow and enchanters get 35% slow.

You can determine how much a mob mitigates by the emote given, when they are slowed.

The emotes are:

  • Your spell was mostly successful - 75% of slow effect.
  • Your spell was partially successful - 50% of slow effect.
  • Your spell was slightly successful - 25% of slow effect.

Generally, similar content all mitigates the same. But, they can set the value individually. So, whether a named mitigates more than a normal trash mob of the same zone is completely based on what the devs have set up.

Mostly/partially/slightly aren't the same in every zone, but within each zone they're consistent. In the lower tier zones of each expansion, Partially is better than Partially is in higher tier zones of the same expansion.

For example, Partially means slows are 50% effective in Dragonscale Hills, but only 40% effective in Loping Plains. On every mob in Loping Plains, though, even named, if it says Partially then you're getting 40% of your slow.

Any mob (occasional named) intended to be less slowable than its context will get you a Slightly message.

Brohg, SOE forum post, August 11, 2014

Set AAXP and list AAs[edit]

/alternateadv (ON, OFF, or LIST): Allows you to turn AA XP on, off, and also lists all AAs available to you. You can also set the percentage of XP going toward AAs, /alternateadv on #

AA Auto-Grant[edit]

With the February 19, 2014 patch, AA abilities are now auto-granted for All Access (Gold) players who check the Auto-Grant Enable box on the "Alternate Advancement" window.

Checking the box will auto-grant AA abilities when the character meets the requirements for those abilities.

For Time-Locked Progression Servers, the Call of the Forsaken expansion must be open before auto-granting becomes available.

All AA abilities up to and including level 85 and those up to:

except those noted below, are auto-granted.

Excluded AA from auto-grant:

  • Mastery of Alchemy, Baking, Blacksmithing, Brewing, Fletching, Fletching/Bowyer, Jewel Craft (Enchanter), Jewel Craft (Non-Enchanter), Poison Making (rogue only), Pottery, Tailoring, Tinkering (gnome only).
  • Arcane Tongues
  • Spell Casting Subtlety
  • Weapon Stances

Once you have checked the Auto-Grant Enable box and zoned or camped, the grant is irreversible. Leaving the box checked after that will auto-grant future auto-granted AAs when they become available in the future.

As each future expansion is added, another expansion's AAs will be auto-granted, in the order they were released (so after Call of the Forsaken AAs, it will be the The Darkened Sea AAs).

Discipline timers[edit]

Each discipline has a reuse timer which it shares with other disciplines. The August 19, 2015 patch implemented a new timer ID (-1) for melee abilities that allows them to be used independently.

Clickable buff item AAs[edit]

- Changed the following buff lines that result from activating items so that their effects grant the bearer passive AA abilities: Ancestral Memories, Aura of Battle, Breath of Atathus, Expanding Mind, Form of Defense, Form of Endurance, Form of Protection, Form of Rejuvenation, Grim Aura, Knowledge of the Past / Soothing Breath, Might of Stone, Myrmidons Skill, and Prismatic Ward.

- - Activating an item with one of these spells grants you a passive AA ability at a rank that matches the power of the buff. (Activating an item with a weaker buff will not lower your passive AA ability rank.)
- - Activating an item with one of these spells now casts a shadow spell named for the buff line. These shadow spells have no effects but are permanent duration and are intended to allow you to retain the use of these items as a means to reduce the impact of incoming dispel attacks.
- - When you are granted a rank of one of these passive AA abilities you are now also granted an activated ability called Item: Disable Item Abilities. This ability will clear all of your item-granted abilities and allow you to start fresh.

— September 23, 2015 patch message

List (as of April 30, 2018):

  • Item: Ancient Flames x/8 - Overhaste/HP regeneration.
  • Item: Aura of Battle - Increases HP and Attack.
  • Item: Aura of Pure Arcanum x/7 - Increases resistance versus Magic, Cold, Fire, Disease, Poison. This will not stack with Form of Protection.
  • Item: Aura of Rage x/3 - Increases attack
  • Item: Breath of Atathus x/5 - Increases HP regeneration, reduces mana and endurance regeneration
  • Item: Disable Item Abilities 1/1 - Clears all clicked buff AAs
  • Item: Expanding Mind x/32 - Increases mana pool
  • Item: Form of Defense x/27 - Increases AC
  • Item: Form of Endurance x/30 - Increases HP pool
  • Item: Form of Protection x/7 - Increases resist versus Poison, Magic, Disease, Fire, Cold. This will not stack with Aura of Pure Arcanum.
  • Item: Form of Rejuvenation x/6 - Increases HP regeneration
  • Item: Gnoll Reaver Fortitude x/5 - Increases AC.
  • Item: Knowledge of the Past x/29 - Increased HP and mana regeneration. This will overwrite Soothing Breath.
  • Item: Might of Stone x/14 - Increases Attack
  • Item: Myrmidon's Skill x/13 - Increased dodge chance
  • Item: Prismatic Ward x/29 - Increases basic resists and AC
  • Item: Soothing Breath x/28 - Increased HP and mana regeneration. This will overwrite Knowledge of the Past.

AA proc chance[edit]

Descriptions for AA abilities that allow you to trigger spells (proc) on offensive and defensive actions now list the "proc chance modifier" as part of the description. These descriptions take the form of 'grants your Action a chance (Chance Modifier) to trigger Spell, Spell Description.

Since procs that don't have a 100% chance to trigger are variable on several factors there's not a clean way to currently display how often the effect is going to trigger, so including the Chance Modifier was the best way I had to convey the difference between two ranks of an ability that only increases the proc chance.

I can see where the confusion comes in because Presence of Fear is the only ability with a reduced chance to trigger (as opposed to most abilities which have an increased chance), Ex:

Rabid Bear Rank 6
This ability, when activated, grants your melee attacks a chance (with a 150% bonus) to trigger Feral Bite III...

Rabid Bear Rank 7
This ability, when activated, grants your melee attacks a chance (with a 180% bonus) to trigger Feral Bite IV...

Dzarn, EQ Deveoper

Defensive procs factor in your agility, the attacker's melee speed, and sometimes a level difference, with the theoretical normalization somewhere around 2 procs per minute with a 0% chance modifier.

Dzarn, EQ Deveoper