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This page is for information on Non Player Characters (NPCs), both quest ones and mobs (monsters).

There are nearly as many NPCs in EverQuest as there are people in Tampa, Florida: The total population of Norrathian NPCs is well over 344,935!

Consider messages (faction and difficulty)[edit | edit source]

See also: Rare creatures

When you Consider NPCs (/con) you will get a message. The message relays three things. The first is the NPCs attitude toward you. The second is how tough the NPC is compared to you. The third is if it is "a rare creature", also called a "named" mob.

Attitude (from worst to best):

ready to attack, threateningly, dubious, apprehensive, indifferent, amiably, kindly, warmly, ally

NPCs will attack you on sight if "ready to attack" and "threateningly", but NPCs which con "threateningly" have a smaller agro radius than those which are "ready to attack". They will not attack but will refuse to trade if "dubious".

How tough:

  • Gray: Below level 25 "-- looks like a reasonably safe opponent." Otherwise, "-- You could probably win this fight."
  • Green: "-- You would probably win this fight... it's not certain though."
  • Light blue: "-- looks kind of dangerous."
  • Dark blue: Below level 25, "-- looks kind of risky, but you might win." Otherwise, "-- it appears to be quite formidable."
  • White: Below level 25, "-- looks kind of risky... you might win." Otherwise, "-- looks like quite a gamble."
  • Yellow: Below level 25, "-- looks like quite a gamble." Otherwise, "-- looks like he/she/it would wipe the floor with you!"
  • Red: what would you like your tombstone to say?

Weak NPCs will have an additional message as part of their consider message.

Raid NPCs will have "This creature would take an army to defeat!" as part of their consider message.

Con Color Level Ranges:

When it comes to telling whether or not you're going to be able to stand up to that mob that you are staring down or not, using the /con system is a good way to get a general idea. These messages and their colors vary depending upon the level difference between you and the PC or NPC which you have /con'd. Most of these con colors/messages have static ranges, while a couple of them vary a little bit depending upon level.

The static ranges are:

  • Red - 4+ levels above you. (Great XP)
  • Yellow - 1-3 levels above you. (Excellent XP)
  • White - Your exact level. (Good XP)
  • Dark Blue - 1-5 levels below you. (Nice XP)

The variable ranges are:

  • Light Blue - 6-15 levels below you. (Decent XP) [Light Blue starts at level 20]
The end of Light Blue (and the start of Green) varies somewhat with your level.
  • Green - 6-20 levels below you. (Minimal XP)
The start and end of Green varies somewhat with level depending on when Grey starts for your level.
  • Grey - 6-21 or more levels below you. (No XP)
Grey starts whenever you can no longer gain XP from a mob of that level; this varies with your level.

Spawn timers[edit | edit source]

"Actually we just reduced the spawn times for everything Luclin and below (I think we stopped there - pretty sure) to 3 days +/- (X) less than a year ago for all raid targets that were over that limit. There are no plans to reduce it any further at this time." - Nodyin, EQ Designer

Zone load[edit | edit source]

If the zone is running with no load, spawns are approximately 20% faster than what's specified in data.

Prathun, EQ Developer

Ancient Cyclops[edit | edit source]

"There's one spawn in South Ro with a 30.66666666 minute repop time that has a 10% chance of being the ancient cyclops, but he has to spawn at night. He's on the same spawn table with a_desert_madman, a_dervish_cutthroat, a_sand_giant, and a_mummy." - Prathun, EQ Designer

Little Bo[edit | edit source]

Little Bo (Elite Supplier) in The Steam Factory zone is at location -61 +443.

Mob corpse timer[edit | edit source]

If the mob is level 54 or below, the corpse will disappear eight minutes after death. Corpses of mobs level 55 or higher last for 30 minutes.

Mob debuff / DoT limit[edit | edit source]

The maximum debuffs / DoTs that may be placed on mob used to be 97. The 97 consisted of 55 hard coded (which are displayed by the UI) + 42 that everybody has (which are not displayed on mobs).

NPC debuff slots = 55 (NPC) + 42 (player) = 97
Only the first 55 are visible

niente, EQ Developer, March 5, 2020

With the May 18, 2022 game update this was increased to 200:

Refactored the way buffs/debuffs are stored on characters and NPCs, enabling an increase in hostile NPC's maximum from 97 to 200.

Rare creatures[edit | edit source]

Example of /con on a rare creature:

Zakija - a rare creature - scowls at you, ready to attack -- what would you like your tombstone to say?

Some quick answers:

Up until recently, it was hit or miss on whether classic spawns that would meet our criteria as 'rare' were flagged. However, as hunter achievements have been implemented, we've identified and flagged these NPCs.

As of the June [2017] update, consider information shows whether your target is rare. For example: Lasna Cheroon - a rare creature - scowls at you, ready to attack -- what would you like your tombstone to say?

NPCs flagged as rare have a higher chance to spawn during a bonus rares event. The bonus is a multiplier on their chance. So, for example, if the bonus were 76%, a rare NPC that has a 10% chance to spawn on its encounter will have a 17.6% chance instead. Note that this does not guarantee the rare, but it does make it significantly more likely to appear.

The bonus for rares for the Independence Weekend is 76%, the same as faction and experience.

Prathun, EverQuest Developer

Our general target is one rare every 72 minutes if all placeholders are killed within a minute of their spawning.

BUT it's all random number based, so you get streaks.

Adam "Ngreth" Bell, Senior Designer, EverQuest, January 16, 2020

Behavior[edit | edit source]

NCD is short for "NPC Command." A spawn has a list of sequential NCDs that determine their out of combat behavior. This behavior is the same regardless of what creature(s) are rolled up on the encounter for that spawn. For most modern spawns, their NCDs are 1. Go home, 2. Wait. or 1. Wander route, 2. Wait. These commands loop in most cases, unless an NCD is a goto NCD X or other edge cases, but I digress... Lord Elgnub's spawn's NCDs are 1. Go home, 2. Wait, 3. Despawn.

Prathun, EQ Developer

Yep [NPCs that corpse camp are Waiting], exactly. That can happen if the spawn has no Go home NCD.

Prathun, EQ Developer

Elf names[edit | edit source]

For the NPC elves:

  • Sol'Dal - Fire Elves
  • Sul'Dal - Sand Elves

Alaran grammar[edit | edit source]

Nominative: Al (Same as he/she - She laughed)
Objective: Ali (Same as him/her - I called him)
Possessive determiner: Alir (Same as his/her - His eyes gleam)
Possessive pronoun: Alis (Same as his/hers - That is hers)
Reflective: aleself (same as himself/herself - She likes herself)

Adam "Ngreth" Bell, Senior Designer, EverQuest

Spell casting[edit | edit source]

From a post on the Daybreak EQ forum by Prathun, EQ Developer:

Spells have a field indicating the percentage chance that an NPC that fulfills the class and level requirements can memorize it.

Fear (spell 229) is set to 5%.

NPC spell casting code (NPC AI Fields).jpg

On average, one in 20 of those NPCs that can memorize the spell will.

Note that this is one of many ways that an NPC can cast a spell.

Body types[edit | edit source]

All NPCs are one of the following body types. They were adjusted with the April 20, 2022 game update.

Creatures now uniformly belong to one of the following categories:

  • Special damage targets - Greater Akheva, Draz Nurakk, and Zek.
  • Animals - Non-magical living organisms, not plants, not quite humanoids.
  • Construct/Elemental - Conjured, Elemental, or animated matter, including Clockworks.
  • Dragons - Draconic creatures (Dragons, Drakes, Wurms, Wyverns). Excludes dinosaurs and Drakkin.
  • Extraplanar - Death-Touching creature, typically the Avatar of a God.
  • Giants - Large bipedal creatures descended from the creations of Rallos Zek.
  • Humanoids - Living non-magical sentient bipedal organisms.
  • Magical - Magical creatures and anything that does not fit into another category.
  • Plants - Potentially sentient living photosynthetic or fungus-based non-animal organism.
  • Undead - Deceased souls, optionally corporeal, distinct from animist spirits and other magical beings.