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Expansion Ring of Scale
Instanced No
Level Range 110
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Gorowyn is a zone in Ring of Scale expansion.

Zone layout[edit | edit source]

Connections[edit | edit source]

Lore[edit | edit source]

In Gorowyn, each of the four castes has a purpose and a building dedicated to that purpose.

Bathezid of the Di'Zok

The Krellnakor are soldiers, living to defend the city and claim an empire for their people. Those dedicated to magic and the power it lends are the Arcron. Wulthan are the spiritual leaders focused on dedication to understanding and following the will of Veeshan, as expressed to them by Talendor. Those devoted to crafting, the Fereth, also handle leadership and run the city.

Despite their dedication to building an empire and a war machine, the city itself holds a great beauty that anyone can understand.

Its beauty comes from an admirable melding of ancient sarnak construction, draconic influence, and the modern sarnak taking ideas from other cultures they have encountered.

Norrath's heroes should admire this beauty, but not allow it to lull then into a sense of safety. Those that built Gorowyn are dedicated to controlling all of Kunark and the blood of enemies is the lubrication that makes their war machine work.

Bathezid of the Di'Zok

Having battled his own family for decades, Bathezid of the Di'Zok left Chardok in secret after finding the location of the remnants of the city of Gorowyn.

With the strength of the Kar'Zok given to him by Atrebe, the Overking restored the city and formed a new society of sarnak. A new society is based on a caste system rather than the broods of his ancestors. Pitting the castes against each other motivates them to improve and keeps them from working together to overthrow their Overking.

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