I Want to Conquer the World

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Jamie Meerson is found outside the gates of West Freeport at 93, -70.

You say, 'Hail, Jamie Meerson'

Jamie Meerson says 'This is it! The moment I've been [waiting] for. Freeport will be mine, and then all of Norrath!'

You say, 'Waiting?'

Jamie Meerson says 'Well, I am a mastermind, a genuis. I know I could conquer this world with my intellect, but I've always been haunted by the fear. I mean, people won't take kindly to my iron-fisted rule, and I was afraid I'd get hurt along the way. Lately, I've realized I have nothing to fear. I'm [ready] now!'

You say, 'Ready?'

You have been assigned the task 'I Want to Conquer the World'.

  • Threaten Jamie | 0/1 | West Freeport
  • Find the explosive devices | 0/3 | West Freeport (Ground Spawns in West Freeport - Look like Lanterns on the ground - [/loc 4, -413], [/loc -142, -459], [/loc 1, -509] All within the gate entrance
  • Interrogate Jamie | 0/1 | West Freeport
  • Slay the dangerous animals at the docks | 0/3 | East Freeport (Kill 3 bunny rabbits and or rats at the docks)
  • Interrogate Jamie | 0/1 | West Freeport
  • Rescue Jamie`s hostage | 0/1 | West Freeport(/loc -115, -589 - inside gates and head right. Get back to back with Boomba the Big and run east).
  • Interrogate Jamie | 0/1 | West Freeport
  • Find the poisoned water by the canal | 0/1 | East Freeport (Ground Spawns in East Freeport - Look like blue bottles [/loc -1318, -482 on the stairs down to canal], [/loc -1295, -473 near some boxes at the north corner of the canal.], [/loc -1554, -669 on a table]) All 3 are near the canal in the bottom right most part of the city.
  • Give the poisoned water to Jamie | 0/1 | West Freeport
  • Hail Jamie | 0/1 | West Freeport