Lone Wolf Hero

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Keres McLander can be found in Halas near the zone in at -515, -38.

You say, 'Hail, Keres McLander'

Keres McLander says 'I've been training and kicking around goblins and orcs long enough. It's time to get [serious]. I'll be the greatest hero this world has ever seen. Just you wait.'

You say, 'Serious'

Keres McLander says 'I'm going to tear liches apart with my bare hands, wrestle giants, the stuff of legends! I've always known I had talent, but lately I've been really feeling my potential. I've conquered any lingering doubts or fears I had. This is my time! Why, you want to tag [along]?'

You say, 'Tag along?'

You have been assigned the task 'Lone Wolf Hero'.

  • Convince Keres to stop | 0/1 | Halas
  • Speak to Kere's father, Harregar McLander | 0/1 | Halas
  • Deliver Herregar's letter to Keres | 0/1 | Halas
  • Speak to Keres | 0/1 | Halas
  • Talk to Kere's mother, Galenra McLander | 0/1 | Everfrost Peaks [She is found near the Permafrost zone line]
  • Deliver Galenra's scouting report to Keres | 0/1 | Halas
  • Speak to Keres | 0/1 | Halas
  • Speak to Jeson McLander | 0/1 | Halas
  • Deliver Jeson's tainted soup to Keres | 0/1 | Halas
  • Talk to Keres | 0/1 | Halas