Mechanical Fortune Teller

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Mechanical Fortune Teller
Type Information NPC
Race Bellikos
Gender Female
Location Plane of Knowledge
(via Ctrl-F)
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The Mechanical Fortune Teller is the Anniversary Quest-Finder. Introduced for the 2013 14th anniversary celebration, she can help you get the anniversary quests for years five through twenty-two.

She is only around during the anniversary celebration. During that time she is over near the Crescent Reach stone and can be found using the Find Window (default keys: Ctrl-F).

You say, 'Hail, Mechanical Fortune Teller'

Mechanical Fortune Teller says, 'My crystal shows both time gone by and time to come. Name a year: [five], [six], [seven], [eight], [nine], [ten], [eleven], [twelve], [thirteen], [fourteen], [fifteen], [sixteen], [seventeen], [eighteen], [nineteen], [twenty], [twenty-one], or [twenty-two] and I will tell you what I see.'

Twenty-two[edit | edit source]

You say, 'twenty two'

Mechanical Fortune Teller says, 'Speak with Sailor Twift in the Butcherblock Mountains to learn of a riveting tale. Or you could speak with Geia Korrel in the Toxxulia Forest to assist with school supplies. Or, if you are feeling brave, you could seek out Guard Blevins in the Qeynos Hills to assist with potentially unified gnolls.'

Nineteen[edit | edit source]

You say, 'nineteen'

Mechanical Fortune Teller says, '[Cedfer the Fishmonger] promises to share a recipe for a powerful item in exchange for fish from the Darkhollow. In addition, an eccentric gnome, as if there is any other kind, who goes by [Fabikren] needs ingredients to repair what he describes as his autonomous frenetic manufacturing tool.' Mechanical Fortune Teller says, 'A highwayman who goes by [Dismas Kaneriti] is looking for a search party to find out what happened to a group of lost adventurers that disappeared in Mistmoore Catacombs many years ago. Elsewhere, [a Dreadspire servant] is inviting guests to a formal dinner party.'

Eighteen[edit | edit source]

You say, 'eighteen'

Mechanical Fortune Teller says, 'A [sloshed gnoll] seeks to exact revenge on Qeynos's citizens for their crimes against clan Darkpaw. [Sionachie Heartsinger] is hoping to collect the Shade King's Crown from Frostcrypt to prevent it from falling into Lanys's hands.'

Mechanical Fortune Teller says, 'Tsaph Katta has some free time and is hoping to receive a tour of many of the ancient spires and dragon circles in Norrath. [High Magister Zueria] is his loyal tour guide, though you would certainly be welcome to tag along on this historical and informative tour that is practically guaranteed to have absolutely no surprise ambushes.'

Seventeen[edit | edit source]

You say, 'seventeen'

Mechanical Fortune Teller says 'A [spunky gnome] with a flair for the dramatic and a taste for spirits is sponsoring a race across Faydwer. This race occurs periodically each day. Keep an eye out for broadcasts indicating when the race will begin.'

Mechanical Fortune Teller says 'The boss is back. Captain Krasnok has returned from his watery abyss and he's brought a new crew with him. A [besotted sailor] has a mission for those wishing to test their mettle against the new crew of the fiercest spectral troll pirate to ever sail the Gulf of Gunthak.'