Missing Persons

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Darin Sagen is found in Qeynos Hills at p1525, p330.

You say, 'Hail, Darin Sagen'

Darin Sagen says 'Ah, hello. I'm afraid I'm not in good sorts. My wife has gone [missing], you see. It's the strangest thing.'

You say, 'Missing?'

Darin Sagen says 'That's right. I hate to admit it, but I think the gnolls might have captured her. I was thinking of launching an assault on Blackburrow shortly to get a good look. Oh no, I'm not afraid of gnolls. I used to be, but maybe my wife's situation has given me new courage. Either way, I'll take them all on! Are you offering to [help]?'

You say, 'I will help'

You have been assigned the task 'Missing Persons'.

  • Search Blackburrow entrance 0/1 BlackBurrow [Updates at -155, -58, just right from zone in from Qeynos Hills]
  • Search Blackburrow tunnels 0/1 BlackBurrow [Updates at -199.68, -28.75, -47.13, down the tunnel a bit]
  • Search Blackburrow waters 0/1 BlackBurrow [Updates at 29.51, -52.94, -182.19, jump into the pit in the main area center and swim under water a bit]
  • Return to Darin Sagen 0/1 Qeynos Hills
  • Speak to Hanneh Ratten 0/1 South Qeynos
  • Speak to Ginnie Hendil 0/1 South Qeynos
  • Speak to Boris Kelwake 0/1 South Qeynos
  • Find Aranai Sagen in the Karanas 0/1 West Karana (Location 389, -4319. Run straight from QH zone line until the path heads southeast. Go to buildings to Northeast)
  • Return to Darin Sagen 0/1 Qeynos Hills