Secrets of Faydwer rank III spells

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There are several different merchants in Secrets of Faydwer that will sell you rank III spells.

Ladies of Light faction[edit | edit source]

Alissa Saint Claire (Elite Supplier) in Dragonscale Hills sells the following spells:

  • Song: Arcane Anthem Rk. III (bard)
  • Spell: Chaos Conflagration Rk. III
  • Spell: Chromassault Rk. III
  • Spell: Funnel of Frost Rk. III
  • Spell: Mana Resurgence Aura Rk. III
  • Spell: Phantasmal Orb Rk. III
  • Spell: Preincarnation Rk. III (druid, shaman)
  • Spell: Summer's Viridity Rk. III
  • Spell: Tangleweave Energy Rk. III
  • Spell: Trial for Honor Rk. III
  • Spell: Ward of Resurgence Rk. III
  • Tome of Wheel of Fists Rk. III (monk)

The tasks below are what you need to do for her to offer them to you:

You will eventually also need Ladies of the Light maximum ally faction.

Do the the below tasks (note that these tasks get you faction, some of them require a certain level of faction to get them):

Do 7 Solo tasks:

Dragonscale Hills Tasks[edit | edit source]

Need kindly faction to get the next two:

Loping Plains Tasks[edit | edit source]

Then do five Group tasks from Overvolt Rigster the IV. The keyword is "job". He always offers the lowest you haven't done yet, until you have all five then you can pick and chose:

The Mechamatic Guardian tasks[edit | edit source]