Seeds of Destruction armor

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Luminescence to / from Incandescence[edit]

Some versions of Zebuxoruk will now sell Temporal Polymorphic Cells. These cells will transform a Luminescence to an Incandescence and vice versa.

Tavid Dennant[edit]

Tavid Dennant in the guild lobby has a limited amount of items that players can use to alter their Seeds of Destruction Armor. He does not sell these like the quest items he holds, but will give them to you if you talk to him about [items].

Higher level essence to lower (and removing)[edit]

The Luminescent and Incandescent Culling Vortexes available from Zebuxoruk in The Void can now transform a higher-level Luminessence or Incandessence into a lower-level version with the addition of one chronobine. They retain their prior use in removing essences from armor as well.

Wrist focus[edit]

The focus effect on non-druid wrists can be rotated between Increase Damage for Poison, Disease, and (possibly) Corruption by using a Silenced Tinea Deviation Chamber purchased from Zebuxoruk for 15 chronobines.

Upgrading wrist armor[edit]

If you have changed the focus of your wrist armor piece, you will need to change it back to the default focus before the combine to upgrade it will work.

Upgradable armor (group)[edit]

Throughout SoD various "gems" drop with names such as Fractured Seminal Luminessence. The way to know they are for armor is that they have a "Slot" listed on them. It the case of the above example, it is Wrist and Hands.

Bring the "gem" to Zebuxoruk in The Void. From him you can purchase, with Chronobines, a Quiet Mutating Tinea (for hands) or other item, depending on what slot you want. Then purchase a container from him to combine them. For a druid, it would be the Druid's Polymorphic Cocoon, other classes have similar cocoons.

Hit combine on the cocoon and you now have a new piece of armor.

Note that his only works for gems with "Seminal" in the name. If "Medial" or "Eternal" is in the name, other parts are needed.

Upgradable armor (raid)[edit]